Ukraine: Russians and Jews are not welcomed

It seems the Zionist world’s celebration over the pro-USrael regime change in Ukraine was pre-mature. Now Israel and Jewish groups are worried about the fate of nearly 51,000 Ukrainian Jews. The Russian Jews settled in Ukraine during Soviet era are pro-Israel and Muslim-haters. Israel has already announced sending $1 million worth of arms to Ukraine to protect Jewish institutions in Ukraine.

After the fall of the pro-Russian government of the elected president Yanukovich, the leader of Right Sector, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” The Right Sector is country’s most organized and militant political party. Russian press has accused some of party leaders being fighting along Muslim Chechen separatists against Russian army. On the other hand, Jewish-dominated western media has labeled the Right Sector, “Neo-Nazis”. Some of party’s supporters did volunteer to join Nazi party to liberate Ukraine from the Jewish-ruled Soviet Russia.

In addition to Right Sector, the other major political parties behind the protests was the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” Svoboda, which holds 37 seats in Ukrainian parliament and is a pro-Israel nationalist party. Israel First Sen. John McCain along with Tyahnybok addressed an EuroMaidan rally early this month. Victoria Nuland, the Jewish Assistant Secretary of State, also held a friendly meeting with the party leaders during first week of this month. In March 2013, Oleh Tyahnybok hosted Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel. He told his Israeli guest: “I would like to ask Israelis to also respect our patriotic feelings. Probably each party in the Knesset is nationalist. With God’s help, let it be this way for us too.” One has to agree with Tyahnybok on this point – but then Svoboda party is not one of “G-d’s Chosen people” party like Israeli Knesset.

Washington-based Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), a Jewish lobby group headed by Michael Sawkiw Jr. also supported the anti-government protestors. The group’s former chairman Lev Dobriansky, served as US ambassador to the Bahamas, and his daughter, Paula, sat on the US National Security Council.

On December 5, 2013 US-Ukraine Foundation Conference, Israel First Victoria Nuland boasted that the US had invested $5 billion to “build democratic skills and institutions” in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s largest religious minority, 8 million Muslims are hoping that the US-EU-sponsored regime change doesn’t turn into a civil war. The great majority of Ukrainian Muslims are Tatars of Turkic descent. They have not forgotten how their Muslim ancestors suffered Holocaust at the hands of Josef Stalin and his Jewish thugs.

Muslim persecution arrived with an invasion orchestrated by the Jewish-dominated Russian Empire driving over 161,000 Muslims from the once Muslim-majority Crimean region in the second half of the 19th century. Though Muslims still comprised one third of the Crimean population by 1917, forced deportation by Stalin drove nearly 200,000 believers to Central Asia nearly half died from hunger and disease. Accused of being Nazi collaborators by the Soviet regime, few Ukrainian Muslims resettled in Crimea until the country’s independence.

Muslim community which played a significant role in the independence of Ukraine from Russia, are still marginalized in country’s political landscape. They’re also not in favor of Crimea becoming part of Russia again as some Russian military officials are suggesting now.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts posted a good analysis of the situation in Ukraine.

The newly appointed president by what is perhaps an irrelevant parliament, Oleksandr Turchynov, has no support base among those who overthrew the government.

In western Ukraine the only organized and armed force is the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. Unlike the US orchestrated toppling of the stature of Saddam Hussein, which was a PR event for the presstitutes in which Iraqis themselves were not involved, Ukrainian rightists’ destruction of the monument commemorating the Red Army’s liberation of the Ukraine had public support. If the Right Sector hates Russians for defeating the Nazis, the Right Sector also hates the US, France, and England for the same reason. The Right Sector is an unlikely political party to take Ukraine into the EU.

Having interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs and lost control, Washington is now issuing ultimatums to Russia not to interfere in Ukraine. Does the idiot Susan Rice, Obama’s neoconservative National Security Advisor, think Putin is going to pay any attention to her ultimatums or to any instruction from a government so militarily incompetent that it was unable to successfully occupy Baghdad after 8 years or to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban after 12 years? In only took a few hours for Russian troops to destroy the American and Israeli trained and armed Georgian army that Washington sent to invade South Ossetia.

The Ukrainian right-wing is in a stronger position than Washington’s paid Ukrainian puppets, essentially weak and irrelevant persons who sold out their country for Washington’s money. The Right Sector is organized. It is armed. It is indigenous. It is not dependent on money funneled in from Washington and EU financed NGOs. It has an ideology, and it is focused. The Right Sector doesn’t have to pay its protesters to take to the streets like Washington had to do.


One response to “Ukraine: Russians and Jews are not welcomed

  1. So Oleksandr Turchynov, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, went to court for allegedly destroying files pertaining to jewish mafia crime boss, Mogilevich is believed to have ordered many assassinations of his enemies across the world, including both shootings and car-bombs.

    This same Turchynov was placed into power by so called Ukrainian nazis and is a friend of Jewish former leader Yulia Timishenko. So these nazis are just fine with him running the show right? These same “nazis” that John McQaeda and Nuland or buddies with? This is beginning to sound like a disney fairy tale.

    Something is not adding up here. What is adding up is the jews who caused the break up of democracy have as usual found a quick out to place the blame elsewhere. Oh yes they are being now immediately persecuted. Not buying it. So far we know not one blade of grass has been disturbed on any temple.

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