Richard Falk supports illegitimacy of Israel

Rfalk[1]Professor Richard Falk (Jewish), the outgoing United Nations’ Special Rapporteur for the additional Palestinian lands occupied by the Zionist entity in its 1967 invasion, has irked Israel and the pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups in the West.

Falk in his final report, leaked as an Israeli PR by the UN Watch ahead of its submission on March 24, 2014 to the United Nations has urged the world body to be more supportive of the “legitimacy movement” against Israel.

In the report Falk wrote that he conceptualizes the role of rapporteur as “bearing witness,” which he said “provides a record of violations by Israel and its defiant attitude, and challenges the United Nations to take steps to ensure compliance.”

Israel, he noted, did everything that it could to prevent his “bearing witness.” Falk complained that Israel “refused even minimal cooperation” with his work, noting that he was expelled from Israel in December 2008 and “detained overnight in unpleasant prison conditions.” He added that he hoped the next rapporteur would receive enough backing from the UN to force Israel to cooperate with their investigations, as well as “better protection against defamatory attacks made by some non-governmental organizations (UN Watch) than was the experience of the current mandate holder.”

Falk has been called “antisemite, Jew hater and 9/11 denier” in the past by the Geneva-based Jewish watchdog, UN Watch, expelled by the US-based HRW, and criticized even by Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, who as Barack Obama’s election campaigner was blamed by Jewish lobby groups including ADL for accepting contributions from the so-called “anti-Israel” Jewish billionaire George Soro and former NBA basketball player Allan Houston, as reported by Ed Lasky in Jewish American Thinker magazine, May 22, 2013.

Last week, Richard Falk told a crowd at Princeton University’s McCosh Hall that Palestinian nationalism is the “great symbolic struggle of our time.” As the keynote speaker at the annual Edward W. Said Memorial lecture series, which honors the memory of the late Palestinian scholar and political activist. He compared Edward Said with South African leader Nelson Mandela as both believed that neither pure violence (a term used by Zionists to discredit genuine armed resistance) nor peaceful passiveness would result in a just solution.

Israel has already declared five of the possible candidates under review for Falk’s replacement being anti-Israel.

On a personal level, I believe Richard Falk is a typical anti-Zionist Jew, who believes in “Israel’s right to exist” within pre-1967 borders and tribal supremacy, even though he endorsed Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wondering Who. Falk censored me on his blog for calling Jews, as “Jews”, which he claimed was “antisemitic slur”. He said they should be called “Jewish”.


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