Jewish Museum bans Truman-Israel discussion

truman-letter-recognizing-israel[1]I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism; I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents,” President Harry Truman said in 1945.

This week, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York banned a scheduled appearance by The New Republic’s Jewish senior editor John B. Judis who in his latest book, ‘Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the origin of the Arab/Israeli Conflict‘ has refuted several of Zionist lies about Harry Truman. Judis is also a “visiting scholar” at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Jewish group lobbying for Israel.

The book challenges the Zionist narrative about President Truman’s recognition of Israel in 1948, showing him as a hard-nosed politician trailing in the polls in May of an election year, and being heavily lobbied by American Zionists who then helped ensure his re-election.

Truman felt put-upon by Zionist groups clamoring for his administration’s support and comes across as whiny – the “one constant in his reproaches were the ‘emotional Jews’ of the United States,’ ” writes Judis – but also aware of the political risks of taking sides.

Both Secretary of State George C. Marshall and Loy Henderson, director of the State Department’s Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs, had advised president Harry Truman that partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states was not workable and would lead to untold troubles in the future.

Judis also refutes Zionists anti-Muslim propaganda. He claims that Islam’s Holy Book (Al-Qur’an) doesn’t teach hatred toward Jews. It’s imported by Arabs from Poland, Germany and Lithuania in response to Jewish occupation of Palestine and Jewish hostile activities toward native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

According to Israeli historian, professor Israel Shahak, Harry Truman took $2 million bribe from Jewish groups to run his re-election campaign. “That’s why our recognition of Israel was rushed through so fast (11 minutes after Ben Gurion unilaterally declared the State of Israel on May 14, 1948),” John F. Kennedy told Gore Vidal.

We saw similar Jewish Lobby’s jerk reaction to Hannah Arendt’s book, ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’, Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who: A study of Jewish Identity Politics‘, and Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel‘.

Interestingly, Netanyahu keeps insisting that there couldn’t be a durable peace between Israel and Palestinians until the later recognize Israel as a “Jewish State”, which both Fatah and Hamas have refused to do. John Kerry also seems to agree with Netanyahu on this matter. However, the picture on top of this post constitutes the May 14, 1948, statement made by Harry Truman granting US recognition of Israel. The interlineations are his writing, and you will see how ambiguously he dealt with the question of Israel as a “Jewish state”.

Judis was declared an “Israel basher” way before authoring this book. He received the title in 2010, when he posted an article, entitled ‘Why the US should support Palestinian Statehood at the UN’.

The United Nations was founded to make good on the ideal of national self-determination. It’s in Article One of the UN Charter. It has done so at its very beginning with Indonesia and Jewish Palestine, as well as more recently in Southern Sudan. Why not Arab Palestine? And why should the United States block such an effort? I have heard some arguments for why the United States should not favor UN membership for Palestine, but they sound very much like arguments for why the United States should not favor a Palestinian state at all. Moreover, they are the sorts of arguments that easily could have been used in 1947 against UN support for a Jewish majority state,” wrote Judis.

The United States, it is said, should not assist Palestinians in gaining membership at the UN because some Palestinians still don’t recognize the right of Israel to exist. But guess what? In 1947, there were Zionists identified with the Revisionist movement (parts of which later came together to create Likud) who denied the right of Palestinians to a state. They wanted all of Palestine and even Jordan for a Jewish state; and some of them were willing to use terror and assassination to achieve their ends. And there are still many Israelis who deny the right of Palestinians to a state. That didn’t preclude our helping Palestine’s Jews achieve statehood through the UN, and it shouldn’t impede our helping the Palestinians,” added Judis.


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