Israeli campaign against free speech

The public’s right to know is one of the basic principles of a genuine democracy, but in Israel it not only is curtailed by “Military Press Censorship,” but also by the frequent imposition of gag orders by the civilian courts,” says Jay Bushinsky, April 15, 2011.

After ferfecting censorship on free speech in Israel, the Zionist regime now has embarked on a campaign to put a global ban over criticism of Jews, Israel or challenging the Zionist narrative of the Holocaust.

The Zionist regimes, which had been in the habit of ignoring the international community based on Jewish/Zionist grip over three of the five vetoed powers (the US, UK and France) for the last six decades – is now worried that Israel has become a pariah entity, and is being shunned by the international community. The economic and political impact is so severe that Benjamin Netanyahu equated the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement with a new Holocaust a few weeks ago.

Two Jewish historians, Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinnsky in book ‘Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel’ have claimed that racism and anti-free speech are part of Jewish culture. In 2009, when Jewish professor William Robinson sent an e-mail to his students in which he compared Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip with Nazis, he was chased by the ADL, AJC, ACLU, Simon Wiesenthal Center and several other pro-Israel Jewish groups for using his speech freedom. “Gaza is Israel’s Warsaw – a vast concentration camp that confined and blockaded Palestinians,” the professor wrote. “We are witness to a slow-motion process of genocide“.

The Zionist entity is in the precarious position of receiving tens of billions of dollars in aid from western nations that claim to support democracy and free speech while funding Israeli killing machine in oppression of the native people in the Occupied Palestine. If the American or European people ever knew that their tax dollars where being used in such a way they would surely cut Israel off. In order to conceal this truth and stifle any criticism, Israel and its lobbyists rely on sympathy from the Holocaust and labels of antisemitism to discredit critics; even though it has been proven that a vast majority of Jews are not Semite people.

Powerful Jewish lobby groups have succeeded in declaring criticism of Israel and Holocaust as “Hate Crime” in 15 western countries including the US, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Germany and Britain.

Since December 2013, the Jewish groups have declared French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala as the greatest threat to Israeli hasbara. He is already banned to perform in France, Britain and Canada.


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