Rankin: UK’s top artist blasts ‘US Jewish Lobby’

Leading UK photographer and director, John ‘Rankin’ Waddell, in a recent interview with British daily The Independent has blamed the “US Jewish Lobby” and “Jewish extremism” for blocking a genuine peace between Israel and Palestinians.

Rankin also claimed that Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson’s decision to quit her position as Global Ambassador over Israeli company SodaStream was due to the powerful influence of “extremist Jews” in Hollywood.

Rankin, who has worked with Johansson on several occasions, said that he had a ”very negative view on SodaStream” and opined that the star hadn’t backed out of her contract as spokeswoman “because, in America the Jewish zealots are so powerful. Especially in the entertainment industry, what they could do to her career.”

The main thing in all this for me is that kind of extreme Judaism. The extreme belief that Palestine is the Jewish homeland and those (Palestinian) people are worthless to them is very powerful in America,” he said.

If you’re pro-Palestinian, they (Jews) will blacklist you. It’s worse than McCarthyism,” Rankin said.

People have said to me that if you go to Palestine you will be put on a list and it doesn’t matter if you’re a humanitarian. You will be put on a list. And I’m not political. I’m not anti-American. I’m not religious. I don’t even believe in God. I’m just about human beings,” said Rankin.

Mark Gardner, director of the Community Security Trust, one of UK’s top Israeli lobby groups, has criticized daily Independent in writing for publishing the ‘antisemitic’ interview.

Michael A. Salberg, international watchdog for the Jewish lobby group, ADL, has demanded a “sincere apology” from Rankin for his antisemitic comments while blasting the newspaper for “lapse of editorial judgment”.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Dean of Israeli Hasbara organ, Simon Wiesenthal Center, said: “Rankin’s PC anti-Israel talking points range from ludicrously uninformed to downright anti-Semitic.”

Rankin has photographed hundreds of leading figures, including the Queen of England, former UK prime minister Tony Blair and British super model Kate Moss (Jewish).

And finally, Cameron Kerry, the brother of US Secretary of State John Kerry has assured the Israeli Jews that John will never throw Israel under the bus, as we’re Jewish.


One response to “Rankin: UK’s top artist blasts ‘US Jewish Lobby’

  1. I think you will find that McCarthy was stopped in his tracks because he was getting far too close to the Communist – Bolshevik -Jew connection…..Yikes!

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