Sochi: Olympics and the forgotten Muslim Holocaust

IMG_1686[2]Thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympics and Jewish groups’ pro-LGBT campaign, Sochi city has become a household name in the West. However, a great majority of world population and sadly Muslims are ignorant of the fact that $50 billion Olympic facility in Sochi is built over land stolen from Circassian Muslims by the Russian Czarist occupation forces.

The Russian forces occupied Circassia in the 19th century after decades of bloody wars. Today, 90% of surviving Circassian Muslims live outside Russia. About 700,000 Circassians live in Russia while the rest live in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Kosovo, Libya and occupied Palestine.

Circassians lived in areas far from the other Caucasian peoples who adopted Islam before them, such as the Dagestanies and Kumyks tribes and others. Islam did not become widespread among Circassians until the end of the seventeenth century because they were separated from their Moslem brethren. Living in the south, by the high mountains, while the Christians lived either in the east, separated from Muslims by the Caspian Sea, or in the west, separated from Muslims by the Black Sea. Read more here.

The other Muslim regions annexed with Russia by force include Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. Chechen have been fighting against Russian colonialism for the last 400 years.

Sochi city has a Muslim population of 20,000, but like Athens (Greece), has no traditional mosque for Muslim to perform five daily prayers.

And in case during the Sochi Olympics, you hear about the Al-Qaeda Hoax attack, remember security at Sochi games is controlled by Israeli terrorists.

Here is what US-Canadian journalist and author, Eric Margolis posted on Frbruary 1, 2014.

The Sochi games are being held in close to where Soviet leader Josef Stalin had 2.5 million Caucasian and Crimean Muslims murdered or deported. This terrible crime still haunts the region.

In 1877, Imperial Russia killed 40% of the Chechen population, then about 220,000 people. The Russians expelled 400,000 Cherkass (Circassians), most to the Ottoman Empire.

In 1937, Stalin, surnamed the “Breaker of Nations,” ordered his NKVD secret police to shoot 14,000 Chechen. Stalin, a Georgian, hated the neighboring Chechen.

Seven years later, Stalin had the entire Chechen nation rounded up, stuffed into unheated rail cars in the dead of winter and then dumped onto the frozen wastes of Kazakhstan. Half died of exposure or disease.

Other Muslim peoples followed into the gulag: Tatars from Crimea, Ingush, Karachai, Balkars, Uzbeks, Tajiks., and Dagestanis. After the war, the battered survivors of this genocide filtered back to their homes, only to find that they had been seized by non-Muslims.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the Chechen demanded independence from Moscow – just like Ukraine, the Baltic and Central Asian states. Russia’s new leader, Boris Yeltsin, refused and sent in his army to crush the Chechen. Russia’s shelling and bombing of tiny Chechnya killed an estimated 100,000 civilians. Amazingly, the invading Russian army was defeated and driven out by Chechen fighters. Read the post here.



3 responses to “Sochi: Olympics and the forgotten Muslim Holocaust

  1. Interesting. This, however, does not make sense:
    “Islam did not become widespread among Circassians until the end of the seventeenth century because they were separated from their Moslem brethren.”
    If they had not become Muslim yet, they cannot be said to have been “separated from their Moslem brethren” unless you think Islam is a race.

  2. I think the writer applies the word “separated” by non-Muslim lands in between – and not as “Muslim Ummah” by faith. This is more evident now than before – if you look at the Middle East, where common borders between the Muslim-nation states have provided them an easy way to destroy each other.

    Islam is a Faith – and its follower (Believer) would be judged by Allah (swt) by his/her deeds and not being born to a Muslim father or mother or both. But, you wouldn’t hear that truth from most Mullahs.

  3. thank you;
    the business of “being born” is as far as I know, unique to one religion only

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