Rabbi: Everyone wants to be Jewish!

NY-born Laura Duhan Kaplan is a rabbi at Sholam synagogue in Vancouver (Canada). On February 2, 2014, she claimed on her blog that Everyone Wants to Be Jewish. Her boasting really saddened me – because I found myself among the few human-beings who don’t want to be Jewish and end up whining for the rest of their lives.

First I must admit the rabbi does have some merits in her boasting.

Judaism a fashion in the US – and in Canada too,” Laura begins her article. She is right except that only the greedy and morally bankrupt people in the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Australia, are attracted to Jews to get favor from the powerful and rich Jewish elites who control everything in those countries.

Non-Jews are happy to join Jewish families. Christian communities want to explore their Jewish roots. A television show features a Christian bar mitzvah celebration. The current US President has a Jewish brother; the previous (Bill Clinton) democratic president has a Jewish son-in law; the Canadian Prime Minister loves Israel,” says Laura.

She could have added to her list; US vice-president Joe Biden, who has Jewish daughter-in-law – Secretary of State, John Kerry, whose both grand-parents were Jewish while his current wife Teresa Heinz Kerry is from Jewish ketch-up family – and Michelle Obama’s cousin Capers Funnye a rabbi at a Southwest Side Chicago synagogue.

So far so good, then Laura ventures into Zionist narrative of Islamic history in Spain and other parts of the world.

Medieval Biblical scholar Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra (1089-1167), living in Muslim-ruled Spain, asked, “What will change the damaging view of Jew as Other?” Nothing less than a theological revolution, he answered. Jew and non-Jew alike must recognize that the god Jews call by a particular name is not just a Jewish god. Rather, this God governs the universe we all share,” says Laura.

Yes, Muslim countries provided refuge and enlightenment to many Jewish communities escaping antisemitism in Christian Europe. Most of this Muslim tolerance toward non-Muslim minorities, especially Jewish, has been deleted from the Jewish history by the Zionist historians. I will leave it to an American Jewish writer and documentary film-maker, Jacob Bender, to educate Rabbi Kaplan and other bigots about Islamic tolerance toward non-Muslims minorities living among them. Read Bender’s article, entitled, ‘Lessons From the Three Wise Men’, here.

Last year, I exposed an anti-Muslim Shamim Masih from Pakistan, who has been running an anti-Muslim campaign for the Jewish Lobby – claiming that Christian minority is being persecuted in Pakistan. Read my post here.

I left the comment on Rabbi Kaplan’s blog, which is pending her approval.

Good article, except, there were no Jews living in Muslim Spain (711-1492). They’re called YAHUD, or the people who followed Moses’ Law – and not Talmud. A few year ago, Jewish historian Dr. Shlomo Sand also confirmed that “Jew were invented in the late 18th century”.


One response to “Rabbi: Everyone wants to be Jewish!

  1. Lol those whines are something else. They need to make up their minds do we all hate them or all wanna be them. Cannot be both.

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