Bibi: Iran “six weeks away” from making nuclear bomb

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies  (INSS) in Tel Aviv, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, repeated his decade-old claim that “Iran is just six weeks away from building a nuclear weapon“. Last October, the Zionist regime claimed that Iran was just one month away from building a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu’s latest lie came ahead of the next round of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the so-called “5+1” world powers.

An Iranian nuclear bomb was a lot further away 15 years ago when I started talking about it. It was a lot further away ten years ago. It was a lot further away five years ago. It was a lot further away five months ago. They’re getting there, and they’re getting very, very close,” Bibi said during an interview with FoxNews’ Van Susteren, on March 7, 2012.

American Jewish writer and blogger, Stephen Lendman, in response to Netanyahu’s latest claim, called Netanyahu a serial liar.

Netanyahu is a serial liar. He is like Obama. Literally everything that comes out of his mouth has no credibility. He makes a statement at this conference to the effect that, everyone knows Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. Well, in fact everybody in Israel in the know knows that Iran has no nuclear weapons program,” said Lendman.

The latest report prepared by former US ambassador to Turkey Eric Edleman and former Barack Obama adviser Dennis Ross for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), says that if Tehran fails to deliver what the United States want by the end of six month of the interim deal between P5+1 and Iran – Netanyahu should be allowed to decide what Washington should do.

The United States should move immediately to impose new sanctions and consider even tougher actions against Iran if no acceptable final is agreement is in place 180 days after the JPA’s formal implementation on January 20. At that time, the United States should do nothing that would impinge upon Israel’s ability to decide what actions it must take at that time, and indeed should support Israel if it takes military action,” says JINSA report.

Listen to Tim King, editor ‘Salem News.Com’ comments on Netanyahu’s latest rant below.


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