Netanyahu: G-d I hate ‘Iranian charm’

روحانی داووس

Last week, leaders from two opposing ME powers, Islamic Republic and Zionist entity attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, accompanied by his foreign minister Javad Zarif and energy minister Bijan Zanganeh, attended the conference to woo the world greedy elites and reiterated his regime’s eagerness to reach an accommodation with the Zionist-controlled Western imperialism.

I strongly and clearly state that nuclear weapons have no place in our security strategy and Iran has no motivation to move in that direction. A possible impediment may be a lack of serious will by the other party or parties or they might be influenced by others (meaning the Zionist regime),” said Rouhani. Read more here.

Shimon Peres and Netanyahu went to WEF to warn the world rich nations not to be fooled by the “Iranian charm”. On Thursday, both warmongering Zionist leaders told the WEF participants that regime of Ayatullahs hiding behind Rouhani’s smile is to ease sanctions without giving up (non-existent) nukes.

Rouhani can say something, but it doesn’t make it real. It sound nice but it’s false,” said Netanyahu in response to Rouhani’s claim that Iranian leaders don’t want nuclear weapons and Tehran’s opposition to foreign meddling in Syria.

Shimon Peres whined better than Netanyahu. He blamed Iran for not interested in peace in the region (on Israeli terms of course) by supporting Syrian regime, Hizbullah and Hamas while not recognizing Israeli claim over Palestine.

He did not express support for peace in the Middle East. He didn’t say clearly the time has come to make peace between Israeli and the Arabs. He didn’t announce he is going to stop sending arms to Hezbollah. He could have announced, since he said he didn’t want a nuclear bomb, that he would stop building long-range missile with nuclear warheads. He didn’t announce that Iran would stop being the center of terror in our time. We can see their finger many terrible pies,” ranted Peres, who is considered “Father of Israeli Nukes”.

German-born Dr. Klaus Martin Schwab (Jewish) founded the WEF in 1971. He is the executive chairman of WEF. In 2004, Dr. Schwab received $1 million prize money from Israel. The WEF is usually moderated by Zionist Jewish individuals.

For decades, Washington under Jewish Lobby pressure, has used fabricated and unsubstantiated claims about Iran’s nuclear ambitions as a means of isolating and bullying Tehran and laying the political groundwork for a war for a pro-Israel regime change.

While the Iranian bourgeoisie Reformers is offering Washington its services in stabilizing the Middle East and in profiting off the rapacious exploitation of Iran’s resources and working class, the Obama administration is making clear that it seeks nothing less than Tehran’s abject surrender.

British veteran journalist and author, Alan Hart’s comment over Netanyahu reaction to Rouhani speech, was: What Netanyahu needs most of all is some psychiatric help.

I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect the future Islamic historians are going to call Sheikh Rouhani, the Iranian Mikhael Gorbachev who opened the doors to Western exploitation and ultimately destroyed what the 1979 Islamic Revolution achieved in 34 years.


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