Victimization unites Japanese and Jews!

The old saying: “Keep repeating a lie, and people might believe it as truth“, has great appeal for the professional Zionist propagandists. I’m not talking about Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper’s recent propaganda lies in Israel.

This post is about another myth like the ‘Six Million Died’ – The myth of Anne Frank’s Diary, which has been proven as a Fraud.

On January 24, 2014, Cnaan Liphshiz, posted a funny article in the Jewish Daily Forward, in which he lied that “Japanese are obsessed with Anne Frank“. Why?  According to Liphshiz, the Japanese feel common bond with the Jews as both were victimized during the WW II. Interestingly, she accuses “Japanese troops who fought as allies of Nazi Germany for committing atrocities during the war” – but ignores the fact that there were 150,000 German Jews among the Nazi Army including two generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals, and 23 colonels.

Historically, both Zionist Jews and Japanese have several common traits – racism being one of them. Japanese don’t like non-Japanese to settle permanently in Japan. Same way, Israeli Jews (80%) doesn’t like to live in non-Jewish Arab neighborhood.

American Jewish bankers financed both Nazi Germany and Japanese war machine. Jacob Schiff, a Jewish banker from New York was the point man in what might be termed the Jewish foreign policy in Europe. The entire organized Jewish community throughout Europe and America actively opposed Russia. For example, in America in 1911, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), led and financed by Schiff, successfully advocated the abrogation of a trade agreement with Russia over the veto of President Taft.

A Jewish state was established by Japanese occupation forces in Harbin (Manchuria) in 1934 which existed until 1945. The Japanese hoped the colony would gain the approval of international Jewish financiers such as the Rothschild’s, who would pump money into their empire. However, the Japanese were also apprehensive about cooperating with Jews. They were well versed in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and were convinced of their authenticity. They viewed Jews as a subversive race which uses their financial and mercantile genius to conquer nations by stealth.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert’s parents lived in Harbin before slipping into British occupied Palestine.

Though the United States and Canada were not occupied by Nazis, 150,000 people of Japanese ancestry were interned in the US and Canada by the so-called “liberators of Europe”.

Professor David G. Goodman in 1995 book, ‘Jews in the Japanese Mind: The History and Uses of a Cultural Stereotype’, says that the Jewish Holocaust never received much attention from Japanese because they believed their sufferings were far greater than the Jews.


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