Dutch Rabbi: ‘Jews monopolized slavery’

TSRV2_2D[1]One of the best-known Dutch Rabbi, Lody Van de Kamp, who has authored several books on European Jewish history, is quoted by JTA, saying: “Money was earned by Jewish communities in South America, partly through slavery, and went to Holland, where Jewish bankers handled it.”

In his forthcoming book, entitled ‘The Jewish Slave’, the rabbi claims that in one area of what used to be Dutch Guyana, 40 Jewish-owned plantations were home to a total population of at least 5,000 slaves. Known as the Jodensavanne, or Jewish Savannah, the area had a Jewish community of several hundred before its destruction in a slave uprising in 1832. Nearly all of them immigrated to Holland, bringing their accumulated wealth with them.

Rabbi Lody Van de Kamp has been criticized by the pro-Israel Dutch Jewish leaders in the past for suggesting that they should have dialogue with Dutch Muslim leaders instead calling them ‘antisemites’. He has also disagreed with other rabbis for “compromising” with the Dutch government over “kosher slaughtering” dispute, which he called “distortion” of Torah laws.

However, Rabbi Van de Kamp is not the first rabbi to admit Jewish role in African slavery. Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, in book, ‘Jews and Judaism in United States: A Documentary History’, also exposed Jewish domination of slavery in the US, France, England and Denmark. Read more here.

In 1991, when Nation of Islam published its study, titled ‘The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews‘, the group’s leader Louis Farrakhan was called “racist and antisemite’ by the organized Jewry.

Farrakhan is hated by Jews, and has long been targeted by powerful Jewish groups such as the ADL and SPLC. Jews also detest the Nation of Islam itself. In 1942 a secret ADL file, “Temple of Islam Infiltration,” stated that “a Negro employed by us” proved “quite instrumental” in an FBI raid on the Chicago mosque that resulted in 82 arrests. In 1959 the American Jewish Committee sent black spies from the Urban League to report on an appearance by then-NOI leader Elijah Muhammad in Newark,” wrote Andrew Hamilton. Read more here.

Walter White Jr. in, ‘Who brought the slaves to America?,’ claims also that Jews were the dominant slave traders in Americas and Europe.

Professor Tony Martin (died 2013) an African historian at the Wellesley College, was chased by the Jewish Lobby for decades for exposing Jewish monopoly in human trading. Watch video below.


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    And here is a very good report about slavery which is a complementary article on my Dutch report about Jewish slave trade. https://wordpress.com/posts/tinthor.org5151 (“De Slavenhandel in het Verleden & De Rol die Joodse Slavenhandelaars Hierin Speelden” (Slavery in the Past & The Role whom Jewish Slave Traders Played in It.) The Jews had a monopolization on slave traffic. And Dutch Rabbi, Lody van de Kamp, wrote a book about it, “De Joodse Slaaf” (The Jewish Slave.)

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