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Sarah Silverman: ‘A Jewish Prophetess’!


To prove, I’m not an antisemite, I dedicate this post to two pro-Israel Jewish sisters; the notorious American comedian Sarah Silverman and not so notorious, her Jerusalem-based sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman.

Rabbi Susan Silverman belongs to Reformed Judaism. She is member of the so-called the “Women of the Wall” movement in Israel. The group has been protesting against being not allowed to pray at the Holy Wailing Wall near Islam’s third sacred mosque, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. She was one of the ten women detained by the Jewish police for praying at the so-called Wailing Wall. Susan also has the honor to be among the “2013 – Top 50 American Jews” including Pope Francis.

In May 2010, Rabbi Susan Silverman in an interview with Israeli daily Ha’aretz, compared her younger sister, American comedian, Sarah Silverman, being a “Jewish prophetess”.

The truth is, I really think of Sarah – you might laugh, but I’m actually not joking – as like a biblical prophet, Sarah is really calling out the ills of the society. She is saying: I’m not interested in your rituals, in what you pray and what you say. I’m interested in the fact that we live in this really racist society, that we live in this really violent world. She is interested in the (same) things that G-d actually is interested in,” Susan told Raphael Ahren.

In March 2013, during an interview with Jian Ghomeshi at CBC Radio’s Q, Rabbi Susan Silverman called her comedian sister “prophetic”.

The difference between me and my sister is that she is way more prophetic than I will ever be. She’s in the line of the prophets in a way I could never hope to be. Her insights into society, and naming what we need to understand as a society, is truly in the line of the prophets,” she said.

Rabbi Susan Silverman repeated the same claim about her sister Sarah during her recent interview with Israeli daily, Yediot Achronot, published under the heading, ‘Sister of the Prophetess’.

The four Silverman sisters (Laura, Susan, Jodyne and Sarah), were born and raised in New Hampshire, are in constant contact. Sarah 43, the youngest, visited Rabbi Susan, who lives with husband and five children in an apartment in Jerusalem’s German Colony only once. Sarah performed a stand-up comedy show in Tel Aviv in June 2011, and joked about making love with the Zionist president and war criminal, Shimon Peres.

Sarah Silverman, who is an ardent admirer of Barack Obama, told her Israeli audience that she always wanted to visit Israel, but was afraid to get “blown up”.

Americans are familiar with comedian Sarah Silverman’s anti-Christ jokes and her claim that she was “raped” in the past. While she makes fun of Jesus and Christians – she did not have problem dating a Christian, Jimmy Kimmel for seven years. Kimmel dumped her in March 2009 for one of his writers, Molly McNearney, whom he married in July 2013. Watch a video of Sarah’s anti-Christ rant below.