French Farrakhan loses to Jewish Lobby

Dieudonne-TSRv2[1]After Christmas, I posted, here, that French interior minister Manuel Valls, a Crypto Jew, announced to ban anti-Israel French actor Dieudonne M’bala M’bala to perform in France.

On Friday, less than two hours before, Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, was due to take the stage in the western city of Nantes, France’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, overturned a local judge’s ruling that the show should be allowed to go ahead. The Council of State is a body of the French national government that acts both as legal adviser of the executive branch and as the supreme court for administrative justice. It’s usually presided over by the French prime minister or the minister of justice. In other words, it’s the French Jewish government, which banned Dieudonne and not a French court of law.

The decision was greeted with boos and jeers by over 6,000 of the comedian’s fans who had assembled outside the Zenith theatre in anticipation of watching a performer the French Jewish Lobby (CRIF) has branded a “pedlar of hate”. Later, some fan brought down French Jewish Defense League hateful website.

Manuel Valls claims Dieudonne is “no longer a comedian,” but an “antisemite, anti-Israel and Holocaust denier”.

In March 2006, the British daily Independent called him “French Farrakhan” – named after the NOI leader Louis Farrakhan, who had been declared the No.1 enemy of Israel and Jews by the ADL.

Last year, Dieudonne came with a delegation of French Muslims to Chicago for the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day celebration. In his exclusive interview with the Final Call senior editor, Ashahed Muhammad, Dieudonne discussed those abominable laws:

The Jewish holocaust is like a trophy. In France one can caricature the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), one can say the Pope of Rome is pedophile, one can even say slavery did not exist. But you cannot contest the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. Holocaust is a new god.”

Dieudonne’s protest is thus not against Jews, but against the absurdity of laws which the Jewish elite have used to stifle the legitimate examination of a history that belongs to all people – not just Jews. Abraham Foxman, who is pressing for the very same Thought Police laws in America – is alarmed that so many of the French people have embraced the quenelle gesture to protest the repressive and anti-intellectual laws and the bullies behind them. That is why Tony Parker – a popular figure among American youth – had to be put down,” wrote Tingba Muhammad, a witer, author and NOI activist. Read more here.

Both Israeli professor Yeshyahu Leibowictz and US President Barack Obama believes Jewish Holocaust is a religion. To challenge the Zionist “Six Million Died” narrative is a crime in France punishable with three-year in jail or a huge fine – or both.


2 responses to “French Farrakhan loses to Jewish Lobby

  1. A good metaphor would be someone incarcerated inside a concentration camp, trying to escape, getting spotted by a searchlight and shot down.

    “Holocau$t, hallowed be thy name!”

  2. Good article, not such a good title. I would replace “loses to” with “battles.”
    Dieudonné WINS every day. He has united France bringing together Intellectuals and school dropouts, right-wing and often racist lower and middle class French (who suddenly discovered that a black comedian speaks for them, tiens, tiens!), extreme left “old-fashioned” (as opposed to the American kosher variety) marxists, young and old, soldiers and football players, all of whom have had it “up to here” with the Israelo-centric French foreign policy and the Jewish-imposed stranglehold on free speech.
    La Quenelle lives! And grows!

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