Ex-CIA official: ‘I’d dump Israelis tomorrow’!

Professor Michael Scheuer is the former head of CIA Osama Bin Laden team. As a writer, blogger and author, he’s very critical of America’s foreign policy especially in the Muslim world. He blames America’s total surveillance to Israel as the main cause of troubles in the Muslim world and people’s hatred toward the United States around the world. He says that Israel is not a trusted ally of the United States but a national burden (liability).

Michael Scheuer, while testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee on October 22, 2013, said: “If I’m given a choice, I’d dump Israelis tomorrow“. He was responding to Rep. Peter King’s criticim for Scheuer claim that “Muslims world hate the US for its support for Israel“.

Republican Rep. King, former supporter of Europe’s top terrorist organization IRA, currently serves at the Homeland Committee. He is a Zionist Christian and a welknown Islamophobe.

Dr. Scheuer’s criticism of Israel also irked Rep. Christopher Douglas Stewart (a Marmon). He claimed that Israel is America’s closest and most trustworthy ally in the region. He repeatedly asked Scheuer to name other CIA officials who agree with his view of Israel. Schauer told Stewart that he was stating his observation during his 22-year service with the CIA – and what he discussed with his colleagues – is none of Stewart’s business.

The Committee is chaired by Republican Congressman Michael T. McCaul, who is the second wealthiest member ($9.2 million) of the US Congress. McCaul was one of the five Israel-Firster Congressmen who wrote a letter to John Kerry in July 2013, in which they demanded that Washington should “penalize” Argentina for its conciliatory approach to Iran over 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center – a Mossad false flag operation.

Rep. King repeated the usual Israeli hasbara; Muslims hate Americans, they hate democracy and persecute their women. According to Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse Jewish women tend to stay in abusive relationships 2 to 3 times longer than those in the general population. Non-Jewish women stay from 3-5 years, Jewish women from 7-13 years.

Scheuer also said that Osama bin Laden would have been a terrific American leader – for talking and doing nothing. He also said that Muslims don’t fight America because we have Hollywood. Scheuer said he, too, hate Hollywood and America’s Pagan culture.

Dr. Scheuer listed the following six reasons why a great majority of Muslims hate US. Watch the debate video below.

1. U.S. support for tyranny in the Muslim world
2. U.S. presence in the Arabian peninsula
3. U.S. support for Israel
4. U.S. ability to get oil below the market level
5. U.S. military presence in other countries in the Muslim world
6. U.S. willingness to identify as terrorists any Muslim population that one of our allies dislikes.

Joshua Cohen, former US State Department official commented on Dr. Scheuer’s testimony (Times of Israel, October 23, 2013), saying: “If you listen to Scheuer’s testimony, you can see he is not spouting antisemitic, anti-Zionist or pro-Palestinian rhetoric. While he is rather eccentric, Scheuer bases his opposition to the American alliance with Israel on the purely Realpolitik argument of the US needing to disentangle itself from ties to both Israel and the Middle East more broadly. In fact, it is worth noting that Scheuer considers the US alliance with the Saudis to be far worse to the US from a policy perspective. The thrust of his argument, to greatly simplify, is change American policy and the problem goes away – and a big part of the policy change he advocates is that the US should end its alliance with Israel“.


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