How South Sudanese fell for ‘big Jewish lies’

On December 28, 2013, the UK daily The Gurdian, reported what I have been saying for years – that the Break-up of Muslim-majority Sudan into South Sudan, like the Muslim-majority East Pakistan into Bangladesh in the 1970s – was work of Jewish elites working for the interests of the illegal Zionist entity.

Daniel Howden, the first western journalist to visit South Sudan, has blamed Hollywood stars for speaking from a flawed script about the newest nation. He also points a finger at those who have failed to grasp the awful reality. He has high-lighted the anti-Muslim, anti-Sudan activities of Hollywood, the pro-Israel actors George Clooney (Jewish), Matt Dillon and Don Cheadle (Jewish).

When violence erupted two weeks ago in the world’s youngest country, one of the first voices to speak out, before the US president or the head of the United Nations, was that of the Hollywood actor George Clooney. There was nothing particularly objectionable about his counsel, which in any case was more likely authored by the American activist John Prendergast, with whom he shared a byline. It spoke of the need for a robust UN response and, even as tens of thousands of civilians fled ethnically motivated death squads, of the “opportunities” present in South Sudan,” wrote Howden.

Both John Prendergast and Don Cheadle members of the ‘Enough Project’, a pro-Israel Zionconservative think tank co-founded in 2007 by the Center for American Progress and the International Crisis Group. In 2008, Don Cheadle joined Hollywood Jewish producer Cathy Schulman to produce anti-Sudan propaganda documentary ‘Darfur Now’.

The above ‘Three Israeli Musketeers’ were also involved in the notorius Save Darfur Scam, which according to Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post (April 27, 2006), donated tens of millions of dollars to illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East jerusalem. Hollywood actress Mia Farrow (former girlfried of Jewish actor Woody Allen for 12 years) was an activist for the Save Darfur campaign.

Let us not forget the Geneva-based Jewish UN Watch, which called every world leader “antisemite”, who dared to speak good about the Khartoum’s Islamist regime.

In March 2012, George Clooney (born as Nathan Birnbaum), along with Rabbi Steve Gutow, president JCPA, Rabbi David Saperstein, director RAC and Fred Kramer, president Jewish World Watch – lead the protest in front of Sudan Embassy in Washington DC. On their refusal to disperse, the police arrested George Clooney, his father, both Zionist rabbis, Fred Kramer, former Rep. Tom Andrew, Congressmen Jim McGovern, Al Green, Jim Moran and John Olver, Martin Luther King III and Benjamin Jealous, president of Jewish controlled NAACP for civil disobedience.

The war had been brought to life in the US by broadcast evangelicals such as Billy Graham, who cast it as a heroic battle by Christian and African underdogs against a more powerful Muslim and Arab foe. The fact that religious and geographical lines were never remotely this clear and clean-cut was routinely ignored. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), under the leadership of the charismatic John Garang, was not fighting for an independent south but a democratic “new Sudan”. Its forces were drawn from areas far beyond what are now the borders of South Sudan. And its battles were, for the most part, not against the national army, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) but against rival militia groups, often drawn from the same great southern tribes, such as the Dinka and Nuer, that the SPLA leadership came from,” claims Howden.

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2 responses to “How South Sudanese fell for ‘big Jewish lies’

  1. Your post is missing out the MAIN REASON why South Sudan was created in the first place OIL GOLD URANIUM AND THE ROTHSCHILDS BTW I George Clonney is NOT JEWISH George BURNS is Jewish and his real name is Nathan Birnbaum

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