Jewish Lobby compares Khamenei with Hitler

There is an old Persian saying, which goes like, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” The Zionist Mafia is pushing the world Jewry to next genocide as it did 75 years ago by collaborating with Nazis, but blaming Hitler for their crimes.

Since the P5+1 and Iran interim Geneva deal on Iran’s civilian nuclear program, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is being equated with Hitler and Geneva with Munich. Thomas Lifson at the Jewish American Thinker, called it “Sellout to Iran at Geneva worse than sellout to Hitler at Munich“. Mark Steyn (a Jewish convert to Christianity), claimed at the Jewish National Review Online that the deal was a “surrender to Iran”. Bret Stephens at the Ziocon Wall Street Journal, argued that Geneva deal is worse than Munich deal with Hitler in 1938.

In fact, it was the spook-terrorist, Benjamin Netanyahu, who first compared Khamenei to Adolph Hitler during his visit to Moscow in 2011. “Hitler first began conguering the world and then started to develop nuclear arms. Khamenei is going the opposite way,” said Netanyahu ahead of meeting with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Naturally, the Jewish-controlled western media ignored the rant because Israel has already done both things; developed 400 nuclear bombs and invaded all of its neighboring countries.

In Sptember 2012, Zionist president Shimon Peres, a War Criminal, compared Ahmadinejad with Hitler. “No one since Hitler – except for Iranian president Ahmadinejad – has publically declared a desire to destroy an entire people and eliminate a country,” he said, according to Israel National News, September 5, 2012. One wonders: Was not the country Peres presides established destroying Palestinian people and eliminating a 3000-year-old country, Palestine?

In October 2010, Israeli MK Aryeh Eldad compared former Iranian president Ahmadinejad with Hitler. “To assassinate Ahmadinejad today is like assassinating Hitler in 1938,” he said.

In July 2007, Israel-Firster, Zionist Christian Pastor John Hagee, called Ahmadinejad: “new Hitler”.

In June 2006, Charlotte Knobloch, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, called Ahmadinejad: a “second Hitler”.

After reading Israeli leaders and Zionist propagandists spewing their Talmudic hatred against Goyim Khamenei and Ahmadinejad – who would blame Ayatullah Khamenei, allegedly, calling Israel “unclean rabid dog” or Zionists being “monkey Jews” – as claimed by the Jewish lobby for Israel, ADL on December 17, 2013. ADL posted the following cartoon to prove that Iran sent a monkey into space to belittle Israel.



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