French President: ‘Algeria is not safe for Jews’

algeria[4]On Monday, the Algerian government slammed French President Francois Hollande (Jewish) for making a racist remark to please his Jewish guests from the French Jewish Lobby (CRIF).

The controversy erupted after French media reported Hollande’s racist rant during a speech last week at a CRIF meeting that French Interior Minister Manuel Valls (married a Jewish woman in 2010) had just returned “safe and sound” from a trip to Algeria, and “that’s already a lot.”

Hollande telephoned Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday, according to an official Algerian source cited by the APS news agency, without giving further details.

France’s interior minister on a visit to Madrid also declared that the controversy over the “joke” was behind us.

Hollande, who polls show is among the least popular French leaders in modern history, also came under fire at home for the rant. 

Far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon said the rant was “nauseating”, while Valerie Pecresse of the main opposition centre-right UMP party said it was “especially clumsy” and “not worthy of a president of France”.

Both Hollande’ and his foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, are Zionist Jews. Both support US-Israeli plan to bring a pro-West regime change in Tehran.

Algeria was a French colony. French occupation forces murdered over 1.5 million Algerian Muslim men, women and children during 1954-62 independence struggle. Paris has always supported the military and secularist rulers of the Muslim-majority (99%) African country. The Algerian Jewish majority migrated to France after the end of French colonial rule.

The notorious anti-Muslim French Jewish political activist, Bernard-Henri Levy, was born in Algeria in 1948. He played a major role in the division of Pakistan into Bangladesh and French-NATO invasion of Libya. Currently, he is playing the same dirty role against Bashar Assad, President of Syria on behalf of Israel. Levy is a close friend of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (a Mossad agent) and Hollande.

In June 1991 election, pro-Palestine FIS won an absolute majority but Algeria’s secular military elites carried out a coup with French help to stop Islamists taking power. The most shocking for the West was the news that more than 40% of the FIS elected MPs were educated in western universities with a significant numbers holding PhDs.

Algeria is only Arabic-speaking nation where the colonial French language is still the official language.

The French Jewish Lobby, CRIF, is comparable to American Jewish Lobby, AIPAC, that it works actively on behalf of Zionist entity’s interests. It has endorsed every military action taken by the Zionist regimes, including the bombing of Gaza in Operation Cast Lead in 2009 and the attack on the Mavi Marmara in 2010. One of its prominent members is presidential speech writer Paul Bernard and it even has as a Vice President a delegate in the French Chamber of deputies, Meyer Habib elected to represent French citizens living abroad in the Mediterranean region, most of whom are Israelis. Habib, a dual national and former Likud Party spokesman who divides his time between France and Israel, may have played a role in the French torpedoing of the Geneva talks with Iran when he passed on to Laurent Fabius information he claimed to have received from his contacts in Israel suggesting that Netanyahu would immediately attack Iran if there were any agreement over its nuclear program.

When it comes to “torture techniques”, the French and Israelis top the world list. Watch a video below.


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