Mandela was neither terrorist Begin nor Jesus

Since his death early this momth, former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, has been topic of praise and hatred from world leaders and media Gurus. For example, Israeli columnist Larry Derfner equated Nelson Mandela with Menachem Begin, the head of Jewish terrorist militia Irgun.

Mandela against apartheid, Begin against the British Mandate, Arafat against the occupation. Their differences as rebel leaders are not as important as what they had in common: All three took up arms in the cause of freedom,” wrote Derfner at Israeli +972 website on December 11, 2013. He also claims that Nelson Mandela was “inspired” by a Jewish terrorist like Begin. If that’s true, then how come the two world-renowned terrorists, Shimon Perse and Benjamin Netanyahu, snubbed Mandela’s memorial service  in Johannesburg?

On the other hand, Peter Oborne, the so-called antisemite chief political commentator at British daily The Telegraph, compared Mndela to biblical prophet Jesus.

I disagree with both of them.

Nelson Mandela was son of South Africa. He believed in a non-violent resistance against the European settlers occupying his motherland. He never lead a terrorist attack on Afrikan forces, government officials or civilians. He was kept in jail for 27 years by the White racist regime to destroy African resistance to the regime.

When he was finally released from prison, Mandela challenged those in his own movement whose encounters with the violence of the apartheid regime had led them to believe that hatred of the enemy and armed struggle against them was the only way to liberation,” wrote Rabbi Michael Lerner on December 6, 2013.

Some of Mandela’s critics are proved right that he sold-out the revolution to the apartheid ruling elites, both White Afrikans and European Jews, who still have full control over country’s major banking institutions, agriculture and commercial properties and the military establishment.

Russian-born Begin was son of a committed Zionist Russian Jew. Begin joined the Betar movement, a Zionist organization founded in 1923, when he was 16 years old. The group was committed to establish a “Jews-only” state in Arab Palestine, when there already existed an autonomous Jewish state in Russia. Begin arrived in the British occupied Palestine with the Polish Army in 1942, then assumed leadership of the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist militia.

Begin did not fight against the British occupation forces to liberate Palestine. He fought to replace British occupation with the Jewish occupation. Some of the Jewish terrorist acts lead by Begin included:

1. February 1944: Bombing of the immigration offices run by the British authorities. Three simultaneous attacks carried out against office branches in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa symbolized the anger of the Irgun over the British policy of restricting Jewish immigration. There were no casualties.

2. July 1946: The King David Hotel explosion. The Jerusalem luxury hotel was serving as the home of the British military command and government administration. The strike leveled the building and killed 91 people.

Atleast I find one honest Israeli Zionist Jew, Michel Warschawski, who said on December 10, 2013: “How dare Israeli leaders mourn Mandela, when until today, no Israeli leader has asked Mandela and the South African people forgiveness for Israel’s active role in defending and maintaining the apartheid regime in Pretoria“.

Yasser Arafat never fought against the Jewish occupation of historic Palestine. He just wanted to recover the 22% of the land occupied by the Jewish army in 1967 for himself. In fact, Arafat helped Israel to occpy more Arab land through failed negotiations than the Jewish army could have captured by force.

Said K. Aburish, a Christian Palestinian author, in book ‘Arafat: From Defender to Dictator’ has claimed that Arafat maintained secret contacts with CIA, which fially resulted in the betrayal of Palestinian people. Aburish also exposes the shaky foundations of Arafat’s leadership, and shows that the PLO has never been a revolutionary movement. The PLO was even reluctant to support the intifada which erupted in 1987.

The Israelis kept Yasser Arafat alive as long as he served their colonial ambitions. When they found a new poodle, Mahmud Abbas, they poisoned Arafat.

The Zionist-controlled Western colonial powers always have double standards. When the Palestinians put military resistance against the Jewish occupation, they are “terrorists.” Never mind that Israel was built on Zionist terror  against the British occupation.

As a Nobel Peace Fraud – Begin received it in 1978 along with Egyptian traitor Anwar al-Sadat. Nelson Mandela received it in 1993. In 1994, Yasser Arafat shared the prize with two Jewish war criminals, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin.


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