Israel and the ‘Jewish victimization’

Over a century ago, leaders of the World Zionist Movement came to the conclusion that “Jewish victimization” could be the best card in their hands to control western powers. This is the very reason why we keep reading Jewish polls showing that the so-called “antisemitism and Holocaust denial” are on the rise every other day. This is meant to keep Europe’s guilty conscience alive for generations to come.

Though the Jewish elites have always controlled the banking institutions in Europe for centuries, the “victimization” has brought hundreds of billions of dollars to the Israeli Jews under the so-called “Holocaust Survival Plan“.

The Israeli leaders and their proxy western lobby groups have been constantly brainwashing the western public of Israel’s victimization at the hands of its Arab and non-Arab neighbors – despite the fact that Israel is the only nuclear power in the region and its leaders have boasted that Jewish military is the fourth most powerful force in the world.

Antony Lerman, a leading British Jewish thinker, believes that until Jews shake off their “persecution” complex, there can never be a peace in the Middle East.

Orren Arad-Neeman, an Israeli-American Jew says Israeli Jews are brought-up on the idea that they need Arabs to make Jews look as victims.

I had unconsciously internalized what the American and Israeli media and governments wanted me to believe. The isolating and artificial binaries of good and evil, Jewish and Arab, victim and aggressor, serve only to create fear of the other and allow us to hide in our own cocoons of blissful ignorance. We need them, the other, so that we have someone to blame. Once you meet them, however, it’s harder to lump an entire group of people into a single category of enemy,” says Arad-Neeman.

The Israeli leaders have been crying about “Jewish victimization” by Islamic Republic and its Arab allies (Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas) for decades. Even after the recent US-Iran interim nuclear deal, which gave Israeli leaders what they have been crying for over a decade, they’re running a campaign to torpedo it by every possible mean. Israeli leaders know that Iran has no intention of producing a nuclear weapon, but they realize that a handshake between Washington and Tehran would kill Israeli hoax of victimization.

Alcibiades Bilzerian, an investigative journalist and blogger, posted on December 6, 2013. “Israel opposes the Iranian nuclear deal because Israel wants to be perceived as a threatened victim in the Middle East, rather than the aggressive nuclear power that it really is. If Americans realize that Iran is a peaceful nation, then they will be far less inclined to spend tens of billions of dollars supporting Israel’s military every year. In addition, Israel’s incessant whining about the Iranian nuclear program has conveniently diverted attention away from the apartheid being perpetrated against Palestinians in Israel, as well as Jewish-Israeli racism against black asylum seekers, and also the the new Prawer plan which will remove 70,000 peaceful Bedouins from their historical land for not being Jewish enough,” he wrote.


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  1. Do you know what ever happened to Alcibiades Bilzerian? His site has been down for a long time, a long absence. His website is not even archived. If you reply I hope I am notified via email, I clicked that box.

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