Jewish Editor: ‘Mandela was Moses’

1990 South AfricaIt’s impossible to understand Jewish love/hatred toward others. The latest example is former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday at age 95. The world leaders are praising Mandela as a freedom-fighter for dedicating his entire life fighting colonial rule not only in his motherland, South Africa, but Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and other places around the world. However, the Jewish leaders are still debating whether Nelson Mandela was a friend or enemy of the Jews.

In an earlier post, I quoted Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, claiming Nelson Mandela hated Jews, because he criticized the Zionist regime for carrying an apartheid policy against Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians. On the other hand, Rabbi Avi Rabin wrote at the Jewish Journal (June 28, 2013): “As a South African living in America, I feel a great deal of gratitude to Mandela and pray for his health and the future of South Africa. He is a source of inspiration for me as a Rabbi and leader in our community, to always strive for more and show every person respect and love.”

Rob Eshman, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal went further. In June 26, 2013, editorial he called Mandela, modern-day Moses. “Mandela was as close to the biblical Moses as we’ll see in our lifetime,” he said, and adds,”From Moses to Mandela, there has been only one Mandela“.

The Jewish hatred toward Nelson Mandela is mainly based on having close company of anti-Zionist leaders like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Tutu to name a few. In 2007, Mandela also launched the human rights activist group, The Elders, which has criticized the Zionist regime for its apartheid policies.

I was informed about the demise of the former president of the friendly country, South Africa, his eminence Nelson Mandela to my great sorrow and deep grief,” the Iranian president Sheikh Hassan Rouhani wrote in a message to President Jacob Zuma on Friday.

The South African Muslim community, which took active part in the struggle against the White Afrikan apartheid regime, had always maintained close relationship with Mandela and his National African Congress (ANC). The current deputy foreign minister Ebrahim Ebrahim said on November 23, 2013 in Cape Town.

South Africa was brought into being and is led by people who sacrificed a great deal for the attainment and establishment of the values of justice, equality, freedom, democracy, non-racism and non-sexism. These people include many of our heroes and martyrs that you know quite well, people such as Imam Abdullah Haron, Dullah Omar, Ahmed Timol, Yusuf Dadoo, and Ahmed Kathrada. Their sacrifices – which for some included their lives – stood in opposition to sectarianism, but were made for noble ideals that we hold dear – ideals such as unity, celebrating diversity and tolerance – values that are reflected in the South African constitution, values which drive our foreign policy, and values which we must do everything in our power to uphold.

Sohail Khan from Oklahoma City University commented at the Jewish Journal: “I also see the hypocrisy of the Jewish outpouring of sympathy and ‘admiration’ for Mandela. Jews had collectively spurned and vilified Mandela when he equated Israel to Apartheid and spoke against the Brutal occupation of Palestinians by the Israelis. He also wondered out loud how a a people so familiar with persecution and oppression, found it so convenient to oppress another people and usurp their land and property when they could’ve shown their humane side. Israeli Jewish Soldiers (the ones who had conscience and ended up in Israeli Jails), struggled to see the legality behind Israeli and Rabbi consent to destruction and harassment of Palestinian families, people, and land. I am sure if Mandela was 25 years younger, he would’ve proven to be quite a thorn in Israeli side, much like Jimmy Carter. Israelis, and therefore Jews, have proven that they will discredit anyone in the world who refuses to recognize Israeli legitimacy over the theft of Palestinian land by the Israelis everyday. So basically, it’s support Israel, which can never ever do any wrong, OR you will demonize anyone, no matter how much of a statesman the man has proven to be after being in jail for 27 years, becoming the President of the culprit country and NOT exacting any revenge on any of his tormentors. And please do not compare Jewish struggles with Mandela’s struggles. They were in parallel but by no mean shared.”


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  1. Bishop Desmond Tutu pays tributes to late Nelson Mandela.

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