Obama tells Netanyahu to stop whining!

Obama has asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take a breather from his clamorous criticism and send to Washington a team that can explore with U.S. officials a sound end-state strategy,” wrote Zionist journalist David Ignatius at the Jewish Washington Post yesterday.

Israeli army linked website, Debkafile, rubbed Netanyahu nose by claiming that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry “secretly agreed to elevate Iran to the status of seventh world power, as a strong inducement for signing the interim nuclear accord in Geneva Sunday, Nov. 24, for living up to its obligations in the coming six months and for then signing a comprehensive agreement.”

J.J. Goldberg at the Jewish Daily Forward (November 26, 2013) gave credit to Iranian-born Valerie Bowman Jarrett (with Jewish family roots), Barack Obama’s senior adviser and Israel-Firsters Jake Sullivan, adviser to vice-president Joe Biden and William Burns, deputy to John Kerry, for softening Iranian stand over its nuclear program with some help from Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

Last year, Patrick Buchanan, an American conservative politician, journalist and author, had claimed that Israel is greater threat to US than Iran. On November 26, 2013, he posted a question: “Is the Superpower is afraid of Iran?”.

America’s goals: We do not want a nuclear Iran, and we do not want war with Iran. And Iran’s actions seem to indicate that building an atom bomb is not the animating goal of the Ayatollah, as some Americans insist. Though she has the ability to build a bomb, Iran has neither conducted a nuclear test, nor produced bomb-grade uranium. She has kept her supply of 20-percent uranium below what is needed to be further enriched for even a single bomb test. Now, she has agreed to dilute half of that and produce no more. If Iran were hell-bent on a bomb, why has she not produced a bomb? Just possibly, because Iran doesn’t want the bomb. And if that is so, why not a deal to end these decades of sterile hostility?,” Buchanan responded to his own question.

On May 18, 2010, I warned Iranian leaders that the world powers have no intention to accept Iranian position concerning its civilian nuclear program. These powers are putting a trap to disarm Iran’s nuclear capability in order to make its easier for them to invade Iran and bring a pro-western regime change as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. I was not much off the mark then. Now after more than three years, Tony Cartalucci, has come to the same conclusion. He says the so-called P5+1 deal with Iran is prelude to war.

The West has no intention of striking any lasting deal with Iran, as nuclear capabilities, even the acquirement of nuclear weapons by Iran was never truly an existential threat to Western nations or their regional partners. The West’s issue with Iran is its sovereignty and its ability to project its interests into spheres traditionally monopolized by the US and UK across the Middle East. Unless Iran plans on turning over its sovereignty and regional influence along with its right to develop and use nuclear technology, betrayal of any “nuclear deal” is all but inevitable, as is the war that is to shortly follow,” he said.

Exposing the duplicity that accompanies Western “efforts” to strike a deal will severely undermine their attempt to then use the deal as leverage to justify military operations against Iran. For Iran and its allies, they must be prepared for war, more so when the West feigns interest in peace. Libya serves as a perfect example of the fate that awaits nations reproached by the West who let down their guard – it literally is a matter of life and death both for leaders, and for nations as a whole,” he said.


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