200 Quebec Jews on way to Sudan detained

Latest anti-Muslim Israeli hasbara news.

Israeli daily Jerusalem Post and America’s oldest Jewish Daily Forward reported on November 19, 2013 that members of anti-Zionist Lev Tahor community, which left Israel 23 year ago, and settled in Quebec, were detained by Ontario police while trying to flee to Iran. On the other hand, the Times of Israel reported that their destination was Sudan.

Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans along with 200 members of Lev Tahor Jewish community living in Ste. Agathe-du-Mont in Quebec, tried to move to the southern US and from there to Sudan or another country that would not extrdite them to Canada or Israel,” reported Times of Israel.

On November 22, 2013, however, Toronto second largest circulated paper, ‘The Globe and Mail’, published a different version of the news.

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of 200 people who had a long-running disagreement with Quebec child-protection officials has abruptly left its base north of Montreal and moved to the Chatham-Kent area in southwestern Ontario,” reported the newspaper.

They’re forcing us to learn things that are against our religion, like evolution, like homosexuality,” said Uriel Goldman, the spokeperson told the newspaper on phone.

So, you see, the problem is not just “anti-Israel’, but Lev Tahor Jewish community’s refusal to follow the Zionist-Jewish “values”, such as, homosexuality, drugs, boys-girls co-education, nudity, etc. They refuse to send their kids to public schools and force them to learn Yiddish language. They follow Moses Law (Torah) while over 90% of World Jewry follow Talmud. A Lev Tahor woman is also required to cover most part of her body like Catholic Nun or a Muslim woman.

Now, you know why Netanyahu and the rest of Zionist Jews are habitual liars. According to Dr. Sanford Drob, Torah forbids lying but both Talmud and Baba Metziah allow lying if that serve Jewish interests.

According to the newspaper, “the group believes that the existence of the state of Israel is an insult to the teachings of the Torah since Israel cannot become a nation until the Messiah arrives.”

The members of Lev Tahor believe that “Arab domination of the land must be accepted by Jews and that they must leave Israel or perish,” the Federal Court ruling noted.

Last year, Shay Fogelman interviewed Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans for the daily Ha’aretz. The Rabbi told Fogelman: “When you’re on the path of truth, you don’t care what others say.” Read the lengthy interview here.

For their anti-Israel views, the community members are called Jewish Taliban, a term coined after the arrest of Oded Orbach, a US-Israeli citizen in Romania for selling arms to Afghan Taliban in Feruary 2011.


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