USrael don’t want Syrian chemical weapons

sunta_somalia2[1]The Zionist regime started the hoax of Syrian chemical weapons being an ‘existential’ threat to the only nuclear power in the region. It forced Obama administration to declare war on Syria to destroy country’s only deterrent against Israel. Now, that the mission has been accomplished, thanks to Putin-Kerry handshake, all three countries which have chemical stockpiles of their own plus destruction facilities, are looking for a fourth country as “sucker” for the storage of Syrian chemicals.

First Washington requested Norway, but its foreign minister Boerge Brende rejected it on October 25, 2013. He said Norway doesn’t have the capabilities to handle the request by the deadlines (December 31, 2013) given so there was no point in continuing the discussions.

Denmark and Sweden have agreed to transport the chemical weapons but refuse to store them on their own soil.

In their last hope, US-Israel requested Albania, world’s first atheist state, to accept Syrian chemical weapons. Albania is a staunch ally of both the US and Israel. However, on November 15, Tirana, too, rejected the request.

It is impossible for Albania to get involved in this operation. We lack the necessary capacities to get involved in this operation,” said Prime Minister Edi Rama after days of growing protests outside government buildings.

West’s old favourite spot for dumping its radioactive waste, the Muslim-majority Somalia could be the next spot.

President Bashar al-Assad inherited unweaponized stockpile of chemicals from his father Hafez Assad, who first introduced the chemical program as deterrent to Israel’s nuclear weaponization. The UN inspectors did not find any active chemical weapon in Syria. This is another proof that Syrian forces were not involved in chemical attacks in March and August this year. Israel and NATO base in Turkey are the only ones which have chemical weapons, which they passed on to the Syrian rebels via Prince Bunder of Saudi Arabia. British MP George Galloway had accused Israel for providing chemical weapons to the rebels.

Watch a video below to listen to the views of Paul Walker, director of Green Cross International. Poor soul believes that while Syria had the stockpile of chemical weapons, the Zionist entity had none. If he is right, then I would suggest the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) let Netanyahu have the Syrian chemical weapons to defend the Zionist entity from Hizbullah’s rocket-war in the future.


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