Kerry-Lavrov Front Against Netanyahu

Two International Marshalls at the so-called “P5+1” – John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov have joined together against the warmongering Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu and the American Jewish groups have blamed Kerry for being “soft” on Iran and Israel-Palestinian conflict. In reality, Kerry and French foreign minister Laurent Fabius (both with Jewish family roots), sabotaged the talks for Netanyahu earlier this month.

The criticism has infuriated Kerry so much that he cancelled his scheduled meeting with Netanyahu in Tel Aviv before attending the meeting in Geneva on Wednesday.

John Kerry and Barack Obama have assured Netanyahu on several occasions that P5+1 talks with Iran will never put Israel at risk. On Monday, Lavrov dismissed Netanyahu’s claim that a deal between P5+1 and Iran would be a “historic mistake”, saying Netanyahu’s fears are “far from reality”.

Netanyahu’s spooky, terrorist and criminal past makes Netanyahu live in self-denial and trust nobody, not even himself when it comes to the survival of the illegitimate Zionist entity.

In order to derail the talks, Netanyahu sent his assassins to Iranian embassy in Beirut on Tuesday, killing 25 people including an Iranian diplomat. The idea was to incite Iran, Syria or Hizbullah to return favor to Israel, which could have killed the next round of talks. The Iranian embassy is located inside Hizbullah controlled part of the city. Tehran has blamed Israel-Saudi sisters for the suicide bombing. John Kerry, condemned the attack calling it as  “senseless and despicable terrorist bombings”.

Former Head of Israeli Mossad (1998-2002), British-born Efraim Halevy in a recent interview he gave to Jewish website Al-Monitor on sidelines of a conference on Middle East security issues in Istanbul late last month, said that the current US-Iran diplomacy would be good for the Zionist entity in the long run.

If the Iranians think straight, they must realize it is inconceivable that they would be able to change the basics of the relationship between Iran and the United States whilst maintaining the level of denial and enmity they now have to Israel,” said Halevy.
I like to end this post with an historic event. Once a senior US diplomat asked George Bush Father’s secretary of state (1989-92), James Baker III, “Why every US administration leaves office having conceived an intense dislike for the French and the Israelis?” Baker replied with a smile: “What do you say about someone who comes into office feeling that way?”.
Baker, gained the ‘Antisemitism Award’ in 2010, when during an interview he said: “United States taxpayers are giving Israel roughly $3 billion each year, which amounts to something like $1,000 for every Israeli citizen, at a time when our own economy is in bad shape and a lot of Americans would appreciate that kind of helping hand from their own government. Given that fact, it is not unreasonable to ask the Israeli leadership to respect US policy.”

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