Saudi Nukes: ‘Made in Pakistan’

On November 6, 2013 – the BBC’s Jews claimed that Saudi ‘royals’ have invested in Pakistani nuclear projects, and believes it could obtain nukes at will.

Mark Urban, the pro-Israel diplomatic and defense editor at BBC came to the above conclusion based on statements made by self-professed Israel-Firsters like Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli military intelligence, Dennis Ross, former US ambassador at the United Nations, Simon Henderson, a director at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an Israeli lobby group, Zionist Jew Gary Samore, Obama’s former WMDs Czar, and some “anonymous” (read Jewish/Zionist source) at the NATO and US State Department.

Gary Samore, who is president of the Jewish group, ‘United Against a Nuclear Iran’, told journalists last month; “What they’re offering is really no different than what we have heard from the previous government, from Ahmadinejad’s government for the last couple of years.”

The Six Million Dollar question is why would Saudi Arabia put its bet on ‘Iran-friendly’ Pakistan, and not on anti-Iran nuclear powers like United States and Israel? Saudi Arabia has bought over $300 billion military equipment from the United States during the last three decades. The Saudi ‘royals’ have also invested in the US over $3 trillion in bank deposits and realstate. The Saudi ‘royals’ and Israeli Netanyahu are sharing the same bed these days.

Obviously, this is the latest Zionist propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear program which began the day Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion called it an “existential” threat to the Zionist entity in early 1950s.

Pakistan is the only Muslim-majority nation amongst 57 Muslim nation-states which posesses nuclear bombs. Pakistan along with Israel, India and N. Korea, has not signed the NPT.

Urban did not forget to put ‘Abdul Qadeer Khan’ spice in his Zionist rant. He accused Dr. Khan for selling atomic know-how and nuclear enrichment centrifuge to Libya and N. Korea. Dr. Khan, under international law, has the right to sell his own invention to anyone he wants. Furthermore, there are hundreds of Americans, British, Germans and French scientists who helped Israel to become a nuclear power.

In February 2011 – Jewish Washington Post had reported that Pakistan quietly become the world’s fifth largest nuclear power, surpassing both Britain and France. According to my ‘Nuke Handbook’ – the international nuke stockpiles go like this – Russia (11,000 nukes), the US (9,000 nukes), Israel (240-400 nukes), France (300 nukes), China (240 nukes), Britain (225 nukes), India (90-110 nukes), Pakistan (70-90 nukes) and N. Korea (4-7 nukes). In addition, NATO bases in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Netherlands have nuclear bombs stored there.


One response to “Saudi Nukes: ‘Made in Pakistan’

  1. ” The Saudi ‘royals’ have also invested in the US over $3 trillion in bank deposits and realstate [sic]”

    This is one of several reasons why those Saudi traitors taking order from the Western capitalists; otherwise, those traitors would lose all those stolen $3.00 trillion dollars.

    As long as whining about Pakistan nuke is concerned, this is just the beginning of propaganda to disarm Pakistan.

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