Pope Francis among ‘Top American Jews’ list

America’s oldest Zionist Jewish Daily Forward has released its annual PR Award, “Forward 50“, which lists 50 top American Jews who have served the Jewish and Israeli interests the best in the previous 12 months. Pope Francis is the only Goyim who is on the 2013 list of the “notable Jews”.

According to Daily Forward editor-in-chief Jane Eisner, Pope Francis was given the honor for his close relationship with Argentina Jewish community as Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires. Jorge Bergoglio even co-authored a book with an Argentina rabbi. The other “plus” cited by her includes, Francis support for the LGBT community and his visit to Israel next year.

Francis accesion to St. Peter’s chair early this year was celebrated by the Zionist leaders in America and Europe. Abraham Foxman, head of America’s powerful Israel lobby group, ADL, congratulated Jorge Bergoglio on his election as head of the Vatican. Foxman recalled how Jorge Bergoglio as Archbishop of Buenos Aires had celebrated various Jewish holidays with the Argentinian Jewish community, including Chanukah where he lit a candle on the menorah, attended a Buenos Aires synagogue for Slichot, a pre-Rosh Hashana service, the Jewish New Year, as well as a commemoration of Kristallnacht (Crystal Night).

The others Goyim (Christians), who had been honored by the “Forward 50” in the past years, include Father Paul Ouderkirk, President Barack Obama and Chelsa Clinton. Interestingly, Barack Obama received the coveted honor for being a product of Chicago’s Jewish Mafia. Chelsa Clinton received the honor for marrying Marc Mezvinsky, a wealthy Jew.

Pope Francis is claimed to be the first Jesuit to head the Catholic Church. German author, Erich Ludendorfs (died 1937), in his book ‘Das Geheimnis Der Jesuitenmacht Und Ihr Ende’ has claimed that Jesuits are controlled by Zionist Jews.

Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was named an honorary member of the Rotary Club and received the 2005 Silver Laurel Award of the club as “Person of the Year”. Not many Catholic leaders are aware of the fact that the Rotary Club is connected to Freemasons. On February 4, 1929, by the Sacred Congregation of the Consistory, declared that it was undesirable (non expedite) for bishops and other ecclesiastical superiors to allow the priests subject to them to become members of the Rotary Club, or to take part in its meetings.

Some western sources claim that NSA, spied on Jorge Bergoglio and other Cardinals at the Vatican. It’s no secret now that NSA shared secret data with Israel, while claiming that it’s monitoring anti-US terrorist activities. Is it possible, Israel was keeping an eye on Francis in case he turned out to be pro-Palestinian.

To learn more about Pope Francis, read my earlier posts, here, here and here.


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