Obama’s Apartheid United States

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]On October 24, 2013, John Jeter on his blog Por Ahora, claimed that the United States under president Barack Obama is worse than apartheid (South Africa) for the American Blacks.

For every dollar in assets owned by whites in the United States, blacks own less than a nickel, a racial divide that is wider than South Africa’s at any point during the apartheid era,” says Jeter.

Inflated largely by speculators’ frenzied investments in usurious mortgage loans, the real-estate bubble’s inevitable implosion triggered the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and, the most profound dispossession of African Americans’ material wealth since the slave trade“, says Jeter.

I hope Jeter knows that insulting Barack Obama is antisemitism, as his administration is loaded with Zionist Jews and Israel-Firster Christians.

I’m no supporter of Barack Obama, but I’m sure American Blacks are in far better position than the Natives in the world’s only surviving apartheid state of Israel.

John Jeter is a former Jewish Washington Post’s chief reporter in South Africa and currently a communication officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation which funds illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestine. UN special human rights envoy for Palestine, Dr. Richard Falk, has called for the boycott of the foundation.

With his excellent Zionist credentials, I doubt, if Jeter is really concerned with the plight of the 44 million American Blacks. He may be running a smearing campaign against Obama for throwing Netanyahu under bus over Iran and Syria.

Blacks who make 14% of the population, have only two cabinet-level appointees in Obama’s second term presidency – Attorney General Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson, new Head of Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Both are known ‘Israel-Firsters’. In comparison, 2% Jewish population has  Jacob J. Lew, White House Chief of Staff, Chicago billionaire Penny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce and Thomas E. Perez, Head of Justice to name a few.

Daniel Pforte calls these Blacks serving the American imperialism as Black Misleadership Class. The Black human rights activist, Malcolm X, called them “House Negro”.

Black America is living in an endless apartheid prison. Black people face the threat of death from law enforcement every 28 hours. The finance capitalist class is actively seeking to privatize public education, de-unionize the public sector, and turn over pensions, benefits, and non-military government services for profit. At the same time, the guardians of empire in DC are building up the national security surveillance state. Facebook and local police are partnering up to monitor demonstrations. The new un-Affordable Care Act website is contracted out to the CIA venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. American imperial decay has brought upon us the complete erosion of civil liberties and endless global plunder,” says Pforte.

The Black misleadership, the class of Black collaborators and scoundrels that operate in all sectors of society and keep fascism alive and well,” says Pforte.

It was Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (died 2013) who made the term “Por Ahora (for now)” famous in 1992.


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