Gen. Hayden supports NSA spying on world leaders

According to the US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower, Edward Snoden, the NSA spied on 35 world leaders including pro US-Israel German Chancellor Angela Markel and French president François Hollande. Markel called Obama on phone to lodge her protest. As result, White House Jewish Press Secretary Jay Carney released a statement on October 23, saying that the US was not and would not spy on Merkel going forward, but his statements were ambiguous when it came to potential NSA surveillance of the German leader in the past.

On Friday, former CIA director (2006-2009), Gen. Michael Hayden, told Jewish Newsmax that though NSA spying on world leaders is “terribly damaging” – but they’re “lawful, effective and appropriate”.

Hayden had also served as director of NSA (1999-2005) and deputy director of National Intelligence. Currently, Hayden is on the advisory board of LIGNET, an Israeli advocacy group – and a principal at the Chertoff Group. The Chertoff Group is founded by Rabbi Michael Chertoff, former head of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who is one of the principal player behind 9/11. Chertoff is a US-Israel dual citizen and son of one of the founding member of Israeli Mossad.

Hayden has been a campaigner for the delisting of Iran’s terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). In August, 2013, Hayden said that it would be better if Snowden is not brought back for a trial in the US, as it would make America target of a cyber-terror attack.

Michael Hayden, a four-star US Air Force General, visited Tel Aviv as Romney’s adviser in September 2012. He told Israeli daily Haaretz that Iran would not be able to produce a nuclear device before 2014. He also expressed doubts that Israeli Air Force could knock out Iran’s facilities on its own, saying that there were elements required “which only the US Air Force would be able to do”.

It appears that Hayden himself was involved in cover up and destruction of incriminating tapes and videos of the torture of CIA prisoners as well as sex scandals by US personal on Sarajevo as well as the tragedy in Houston where ex high level CIA agent Carnaby was ‘mysteriously’ assassinated by Houston police officers. Caranaby was so undenibly high level that even ex CIA Director and US President Georgr Bush himself attended the funeral. Caranby appears to have been attempting to relay important national security information to his own boss Michael Hayden himself at the time of his mysterious death at the hands of Houston police. And unlike Michael Hayden who apperas to be in cahoots with the very Israeli government-Mossad-Shin Bet terrorists, who have control of our strategic airports as well as important US government cyber security on 9/11 (as they still do today inside his and Keith Alexander’s Israeli controlled NSA). There is reason to believe that the assassinated CIA and national security investigator Carnaby was trying to warn us about the very Israeli terrorists that Hayden and Alexander are allied with,” wrote Wolfblitzzer 0 website on August 6, 2013.

Currently, the pro-Israel US media and lawmakers are running a vicious campaign against UK’s daily Guardian’s Jewish columnist, Glenn Greenwald, for exposing Israeli links to the US National Security Agency ‘s (NSA) spying on American citizens. Liel Leibovitz blamed Greenwald at the Jewish Tablet magazine for committing “Sick Brew of NSA Leaks and Anti-Israel Hysteria” on June 19, 2013. Other Jewish writers, Joe Klein (Time magazine) and Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker) also blamed Greenwald for spreading lies about NSA and Israel. Read more here.


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