The “Israelophobia”

Most people in the West are aware of the term Islamophobia; hating Islam and Muslims for every evil in the Christian West.

Kassam Raheem, editor of ‘Trending Central’, published a blog post, titled ‘Israelophobia and its hate-consumed adherents’, on October 10, 2013. In the blog post, Raheem tries to prove that people who’re obsessed with the news of Jewish soldiers murdering Palestinian youth or Zionist regime stealing more Palestinian land – are suffering from “Israelophobia”.

“(Baroness) Tonge, who has a history of picking on Israel in her activities in Britain’s upper house, seems obsessed to the point of deep human concern from my part. I understand that people can have campaign issues, or subjects close to their heart, but Tonge seems consumed by her hatred. It’s a terrible disease,” said Raheem.

She asked the following questions today, but has made no mention of the 9-year-old targeted by terrorists, no mention of the terrorist-lauding Palestinian minister, no mention of a restart in hostilities from Gaza or indeed on the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership on peace talks,” claimed Raheem.

It really is quite concerning. So I beseech you dear reader, keep Jenny Tonge in your thoughts today. She has a terrible affliction from which it seems she will never recover: Israelophobia ,” Raheem concluded his post.

Raheem reminds me of the so-called anti-Zionist, Zionist Jewish website, Jews Sans Frontieres, which accused British Jewish blogger Gilad Atzmon, for writing under the fake Muslim name of Salaheddin Ahmad.

Some of Baroness Tonge’s questions which bothered Raheem’s conscienous, are:

1. Did British government discuss with the government of Israel, concerning the arrest, alleged torture of, and murder charges against, five boys from Hares village.

2. What representation British government have made to the government of Israel concerning (1) the three Palestinian civilians who were shot and killed by alive fire in Qalandia refugee camp on August 26, and (2) and civilian killed in Jenin refugee camp on August 20.

3. What representation British government have made to the government of Israel concerning the bulldozing of Bedouin village Az Za’ayyem.

4. What representation British government have made to the government of Israel concerning the Israeli army’s barring of European Union and Red Cross relief tents following the demolition of the West Bank village of Makhul.

Baroness Jenny Tonge (born 1941) is a life-member of British House of Lords. She, like MP George Galloway, has long been under Jewish Lobby’s knife for supporting Palestinian cause, both as a politician and as a concerned Christian.

Last year, she was hounded by pro-Israel MPs and Jewish groups for telling a student panel at Middlesex University in February: “It will not go on for ever, it will not go on for ever. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown. One day, the United States of America, will get sick of giving £70 billion ($112 billion) a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East – that’s Israel. One day, the American people are going to say to Israel lobby in the USA (AIPAC): “enough is enough”. Listen to her speech below.

In 2010, the British Jewish Chronicle, in an interview asked Baroness Tong’s views on an article published in the Palestine Telegraph – of which she is patron. The artile, entitled ‘Focus on Israel: Harveting Haitian Organs‘, was written by an American Jewish writer, Stephen Lendman. Jenny suggested that Israeli government should set up an inquiry to disapprove the allegations. For that simple suggestion Jenny was hounded by the Jewish press calling her ‘anti-Semite’.

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