Pope Francis: “I am a sinner…..”

I just read the English translation of an interview the first Jesuit Pope of Rome, Pope Francis I (Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina) awarded to Father Antonio Spadaro at the Vatican on June 14, 2013. In response to Spadaro’s question to define himself, Francis replied: “I am a sinner. This is the most accurate definition. It is not a figure of speech, a literary genre. I am a sinner“.

I bet Francis confession would shock all those Catholics who have some knowledge of the R.C. Papacy. The Pope is considered “Infalliable” (without error); if he represents St. Peter, and he is talking about the faith and morals, and he is delivering his fatwa from St. Peter’s chair. During the said interview, Francis fulfilled the first two requirements for sure.

Islamic doctrine says that all humans with the exception of the rightfully guided prophets, could commit major or minor sins. However, the prophets, as humans, may make mistakes.

Francis, a smart Jesuit, after claiming himself to be a “sinner”, absolved himself from confirming that homosexuality, abortion, pornography, Usury, adultery, etc. (all dominated by Zionist Jews) were declared sins by Christ, St. Peter and St. Paul.

Let us not forget, there were at least seven popes whom E.R. Chamberlin exposed in his 1969 book, The Bad Popes, being insult to St. Peter’s chair.

Several Jewish groups and Israeli president Shimon Peres have already declared Pope Francis, kosher and a friend of Israel. Earlier this month, Vatican refused to permit Catholic Erich Priebke buried in Rome under pressure from Rome’s chief rabbi Riccardo Pacifici.

On September 19, 2013, Dr. Michael Hoffman, a proud Catholic, said that Pope Francis revealed his true face in the said interview.

In an interview filled with what we can only term theological gobbledegook with nary a reference to the Bible, but loads of mystical vertiginous malarkey, Francis the pope of Rome has come out with unprecedented cold-hearted malice toward defenseless, unborn children,” said Hoffman.

Nowhere does the pope mention a little something known as sin. He offers no reasons for the sodomite to stop sodomizing. After all, God Himself “endorses the existence” of the sodomite. So why not continue in one’s sins? What is the impetus for change?,” added Hoffman.

Perhaps someone should tell the pope it is not necessary for the post-Vatican II Church to insist only on issues related to the Nazi “Holocaust,” antisemitism and the defense of Talmudic Judaism as possessing an unbroken covenant with God. “We have to find a new balance.” Does the pope agree? Would he be caught dead saying that the pastoral ministry cannot be “obsessed” with the Nazi “Holocaust”? We don’t believe, short of a divine miracle, Francis would ever make such a statement, for unlike the dehumanized and marginalized unborn children awaiting the executioner’s invasion of their mother’s womb, the Nazi “Holocaust” lobby has enormous power on earth. The victims of the abortion holocaust have no such lobby with comparable power on earth,” says Hoffman.


One response to “Pope Francis: “I am a sinner…..”

  1. By worshiping a man as god, he is not only a sinner but an idolater. Idolatry is a blasphemy.

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