US: Gambia needs a regime change


Earlier this month, the Gambian government accused Washington and London for running a vicious campaign against the government of President Yahya Jammeh.

As Allah the Almighty will never support evil and treachery, this tribal group disguised as a political party not only failed to win the election in 1996 but continues to do so till today and will never rule this country. No sane person will believe that this unpatriotic Mandingo group known as the UDP will gain power to help western powers loot the petroleum and mineral resources of The Gambia. Fabricating lies by involving in treachery and sinister machination against the people of The Gambia will neither work nor succeed as 99% of the Gambian populace are decent Allah-worshipping Muslims who are always praying for this country and its leadership,” said the official statement.

Gambia also announced that it will withdraw from the British colonial Commonwealth, as it doesn’t want to be part of a “neo-colonial organization”. The Commonwealth is group of 54 former British colonies including Canada and Australia.

The powerful pro-Israel Jewish groups in North America and Europe have more reasons to get rid off Gambian president Yahya Jammeh than Russian president Vladimir Putin. Both leaders have openly criticized western imperialism (aka war on terrorism), bankers and Israel – and consider LGBT community threat to their cultures. American Jewish lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), even claimed that Putin is mistreating LGBT people like Hitler treated the Jews in the past.

In June 2013, speaking at a public gathering in Farafenni town, Jammeh blamed IMF, WB and foreign investors for keeping the local people under poverty.

If these non-Gambians dominating our market decide to leave today, we will starve to death. They control our economy. Many of you beg money from them to feed your families. You also borrow money from them. We need to be proactive and control our own business market,” said Jammeh.

Jammeh also said that Gambia has no place for gays. He claimed that one of the main reasons why the western world is cursed out by Allah is due to its lack of morals. He said there is too much fornication and low life in the West.  Jammeh said he will rather die than to allow gay marriage in the Gambia.

Jammeh also said properties rented to drug dealers would be forfeited.

Commenting on women empowerment, Jammeh said his government is working on a new law that will empower divorced women.

So, why the western imperialists are so interested in the tiny Muslim nation? It couldn’t introducing ‘democracy’ or liberating Muslim women – as they did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Somalia by destroying those Muslim nations for Israel. As usual, it’s all about looting Gambia’s water and newly found oil/gas reserves.

On May 17, 2012, Jewish Bloomberg reported that Gambia and Houston-based Camac Energy Inc. signed a contract for the exploration and production of offshore oil.

Gambia, like Sudan, is rich in potable water. The volume of renewable water resources of the country is estimated to be 8.0 sq. km. a year, of which 5 comes into the country through Guinea and Senegal. Surface water is estimated to yield 3.0 square kilometers annually, and renewable groundwater – 0.5 square kilometers a year. These are large numbers for Africa. Unlike other countries of the continent, Gambia also has a river, used for shipping.

Gambia is a Muslim-majority former British West African colony (1.8 million). It became fully independent state on April 24, 1970. British installed Dauda Kairaba Jawara as president of the newly-born nation. In July 1994, a military coup led by Captain Yahya Jammeh, booted Jawara, out of power.

Gambia continued its colonial period relations with the Zionist entity without diplomatic ties. The Zionist entity’s ambassador in the neighboring Senegal, also represents Zionist interests in Gambia.

On June 24, 2013, Joseph Hammond, claimed at the Think Africa Press that Iran’s former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s most visible foreign policy successes were in Africa. Ahmadinejad visited Gambia in 2006 and 2009. Ahmadinejad met Jammeh, who lauded Ahmadinejad for his significant role in resolving regional and international crises and issues of world Muslims and oppressed nations worldwide. However, as result of a CIA-Mossad generated scandal over Iranian arms shipment to Hizbullah via port of Apapa, Lagos, in October 2010, Gambia recalled its ambassador from Tehran.

Chris Zambelis wrote at Asia Times: “As Africa’s stock rises, Iran is poised to continue to spread its influence across the continent. Despite its impressive gains to date, Iran cannot match the inroads made by other major players angling for influence in Africa, namely the United States and China. Iran can nevertheless strengthen its hand in its confrontation with its foes by interjecting itself into African affairs. Tehran’s new interest in Africa, however, is not fleeting. It follows that Iran has much to gain by engaging Africa down the road.”

Jammeh also maintained good relations with Cuba, Venezuela, Senegal and Libya under Qaddafi. The pro-Israel western powers have accused Jammeh of human rights abuses. In response, Jammeh has claimed (rightfully) that the US and Britain are far greater human rights abusers than Gambia.


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