Iran may have planted a Nuke in Tel Aviv


Sheera Frenkel, staff writer for the Jewish BuzzFeed, posted an article on October 17, 2013, saying: “What If Iran Already Has A Nuke?”. On which American Jewish blogger Roger Tucker commented: “And what if that bomb was where it would do the most good, in the heart of Tel Aviv? Well, one can daydream“.

Frenkel quotes Shalom Yerushalmi, a paranoid Israeli government analyst telling Israeli daily Maariv that Iran already has a nuclear bomb.

They made it very clear that Iran already had the uranium for one bomb, and it was very very probable that they had put that one bomb together,” said Shalom.

Americans have become accustomed to Israel’s hasbara (propaganda) lies, but cannot do much about, being citizens of an Israeli colony.

Shalom is not the first Zionist idiot to claim that Tehran already have nukes. On August 5, British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is proud to have Jewish roots – had claimed in the British House of Common that “Iran is in possession of nuclear weapons”. The Opposition made fun of his ignorance. The Labour party blasted Cameron as a “foreign policy klutz” with his feet “firmly planted in his mouth”.”

In February 2013, Lee Smith, another Israel-Firster author at the Jewish Tablet Magazine claimed that Iran is already in possession of NUKES!

According to Frenkel, Yerushalmi’s report was quickly disputed by several leading Israeli defense officials, who said that Iran was close to crossing the threshold into building a bomb, but was not quite there yet.

We have seen a number of significant changes in the last few weeks that have suggested that Iran is closer, much closer to a bomb than ever before,” said Dr. Gary Samore, President of United Against Nuclear Iran. He said that in addition to having 16,000 first generation centrifuge machines to create highly-enriched uranium for a bomb, Israeli intelligence suggested an additional 1,000 machines had recently been installed that sped up the process.

We can’t be precise about the timeline, nobody can because there are too many factors. What we can say is that they are very close and there is nothing standing in their way other than international pressure,” said Samore.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported today that the Zionist regime is not happy with the optimist statements emerging after the meeting between the so-called “P5+1” and Iran in Geneva. Jewish media has also claimed that Washington could be planning to unfreeze some of Iranian assets (worth over $27 billion) frozen since 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Jewish lobby is in full gear to sabotage any future US-Iran direct talks. Max Fisher, at Israeli propaganda outlet, The Washington Post, recently tried to whitewash American terrorism of downing Iranian Flight 655 on July 3, 1988, which killed 290 Iranian men, women and children on board. Read the facts here.


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