Azerbaijan: Oil, corruption, but no Israeli connection


In her recent article, Amy Goodman (Jewish), host of ‘Democracy Now!’, talks about the corruption, oil, and Azerbaijan’s pro-West dictorial dynasty created by Heydar Aliyev, a former senior KGB commander. Heydar’s son Ilham Aliyev just won his third presidential term without any opposition.

Goodman qouted the US-based pro-Israel Human Rights Watch (HRW) to prove that the re-election of Ilham Aliyev was nothing but a fraud.

I agree with Goodman’s accusations against Ilham Aliyev, but what surprises me that Goodman did not write a single sentence about Ilham Aliyev’s brotherly relations with the Zionist regime and later’s loot of Azerbaijan’s oil and other natural resources.

Indian-born Palash R. Ghosh, world editor and reporter at the Zionist ‘International Business Times’, was far more honest. On October 9, 2013, Ghosh said: “Aliyev provides a strong pro-Western geo-strategic bulwark against Iran, Azerbaijan’s troublesome neighbor to the south. In connection with Baku’s strained relations with Iran, Aliyev has fostered very close relations with Israel. Over the past few years, intelligence agencies from both Israel and Azerbaijan have reportedly prevented terror attacks (an Israeli Mossad false flag operation) on Jewish targets in Baku by Iranian entities and their affiliates, including the Lebanese Hezbollah. In 2012, for example, Iran allegedly plotted to blow up both the U.S. and Israeli embassies in Baku. In response, the Iranians have accused Azerbaijan of assisting Israel in the assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientists. Further, Iran became alarmed by reports that Israel was planning to use an Azerbaijan military base to launch pre-emptive strikes on Iran to destroy its budding nuclear weapons program.”

Baku and Tel Aviv established close working relations in intelligence sharing and a defensive platform for the Zionist entity in April 1992 – one year after its independence from USSR. The Middle East International (October 23, 1992) reported supply of Israeli arms to Azerbaijan via Turkey. Ilya Bourtman writing in Middle East Quarterly (Summer 2006) said: “At the heart of Azerbaijan-Israel coperation lies their fear and distrust of Iran. Israel has obvious reasons (??) for distrusting the Islamic Republic. Azerbaijan has more complicated relations with Iran. On one hand Azerbaijan shares historic ties and a religious bond with Shi’ite Iran. For more Azeris live in Iran than in independent Azerbaijan. Today, Iran and Israel play a cat and mouse game in Azerbaijan. Both has developed vast espionage networks in Azerbaijan. Israeli intelligence maintains surveillance and listening outposts on Azerbaijan border with Iran.”

On June 4, 2009 – EurasiaNet – an advocacy group owned by Jew billionaire George Soro reported that Muslim-majority Azerbaijan could become NATO member. Turkey is the only Muslim-majority NATO member country at the moment.

Why NATO needs a small Muslim country like Azerbaijan (population 9 million)? The answer lies in Azerbaijan’s strategic location and its oil/gas natural resources, which Israel wants to exploit through its puppets, the White House and NATO. Azerbaijan borders Islamic Iran and two-third of world’s Azeri population lives in Islamic Iran (18% of Iranian population), which could be exploited as Balochis and Pakhtun in Pakistan – posing a major threat to Iran. Pentagon already have military bases inside Iran’s neighboring countries, such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and countries not far away from Iran, such as, Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

West’s vast transcontinental energy transport network includes oil from Caspian Sea and natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz gas field to Europe through the pipeline connecting Italy to Turkey’s Ceyhan port, and to Israeli port city of Ashkelon and from there by pipeline to Red Sea port of Eilat where it can be shipped on tankers across the Indian occean to East Asia. Tel Aviv has not given-up its long-term energy strategy – the eventual prospect of oil emanating from as far east as Kazakhstan, which borders China, being shipped across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, then through the South Caucasus to Turkey, from there down the Mediterranean coast to Israel, and later shipped through the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and back to East Asia. Once Azerbaijan attains NATO membership – Zionist-controlled NATO forces would be used to check Iranian influence among the five former USSR’s Muslim republics but also police the oil supply to the energy-starving Zionist entity.


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