Malaysian Court: “Allah is not Bible’s God’


On October 14, 2013, a three-member Malaysian Court of Appeal unanimously over-ruled a Kuala Lumpur High Court decision in 2009 which had allowed Catholic weekly newspaper The Herald to use ‘Allah’ to refer to the Christian God in its Malay language edition.

The court decision provided the Zionist Mafia another excuse for Islam-bashing while showing their ignorance of their own Judeo-Christian religious scriptures.

The presiding judge, Zawawi Salleh along with Federal Court judge Mohamed Apandi Ali and Appeals Court judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim, provided sufficient religious background to support the court’s decision, which, naturally, was ignored by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media.

Judge Zawari said there was potential for ambiguity if Allah was allowed to be used in The Herald.

If the word Allah is to be employed in the Malay versions of The Herald to refer to God, there will be a risk of misrepresentation of God within Christianity. This is because the Christian concept of God as symbolised by the Trinity is absolutely and completely dissimilar to the concept of Allah in Islam. The potential for confusion is not confined only to Muslims but also to Christians,” said Zawari.

Zawawi also pointed out that the Indonesian, Malay and Middle Eastern Bibles erred by using the word Allah to refer to God in the Bible.

This Islamic deity called Allah is never found in the Hebrew text of the Bible. It is antithetical to the Biblical God, Jehovah-Elohim,” he said.

There are many other reasons why the English word “God” fails to describe fully the Islamic concept of the Creater of the Universe and everything in it. For example, the Hebrew G-d (Yahweh) or Christinity God (one in 3 and 3 in one) is used as a “male ” and Goddess as a “female” – while Hindus believe in unlimited “gods” and “goddesses”. Contrary to that Allah has no gender. Furthermore, the word “G-d” or “God” has no other attributes than being “the supreme deity” or “the Father”, while Holy Qur’an provides 99 Attribues for Allah.

The Bible’s narrative of prophethood is also corrupted and Westernized. If one visits a synagogue or church, he will notice that all biblical prophets have Euroeans features with European names – even though none of them was born outside the present-day Middle East or spoke English. No Muslim scholar has ever denied the existence of all those biblical prophets. However, there are numerous Judeo-Christian scholars who deny the existence of Jesus.


17 responses to “Malaysian Court: “Allah is not Bible’s God’

  1. “Zawawi also pointed out that the Indonesian, Malay and Middle Eastern Bibles erred by using the word Allah to refer to God in the Bible.”

    It is historic mission of young and intellectual segment of every society in Third World to free themselves and their people from under the yoke of Western races’ spiritual bondage. Christianity in non-Western world is nothing but spiritual bondage that should be rooted out.

    • YES, the Bible in Arabic language do imitates Holy Qur’an in the begining of its chapters. Find out in the following article.

    • “Christianity in non-Western world is nothing but spiritual bondage that should be rooted out.”

      Achtung Jude!

      • Rabbi Yisrael Ariel is a very lousy person to insult Christianity. He is former chief rabbi of Israeli occupied Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and founder of the ‘Temple Institute’ in 1987 to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque, Omar Mosque and the Dome of Rock in order to build the Third Temple of Mount.

        The good-old rabbi fought in the 1967 war as Israeli paratrooper and boast that unit under his command captured the Wailing Wall.

        Christianity (Pauline) was spread in Australia, New Zealand, Americana, Africa and India by the White colonist with guns. Therefore, you shouldn’t blame true Christianity which emerged from Palestine for Whiteman’s crimes.

        It might surprise some people that I found more non-Muslims defending the rights of Palestinians and Kashmiris than Muslims who are busy killing each other to please their old western masters.

      • For me my brother Rehmat, I acknowledge the divine origin only for the holy Quran and the New Testament, I don’t acknowledge the Old Testament, even if it was quoted by Jesus.
        Allah is not the God of Israel.
        I also don’t see either book as error free. There are errors made by the Prophet PBUH as well as Jesus Christ. Huge errors!
        Jesus likened the Non-Jews with dogs! in Mark 8, so no Christ was not perfect. Dogs!
        Christ was in anxiety when he was about to give his life for humanity, there are tougher people who without hesitation dive on a hand grenade to save other peoples lives, so he wasn’t that tough.

        The holy prophet PBUH was told lies by the Jews and he has a quote from the Talmud in the Quran which the Jews regards as about themselves only.
        -If you save a human, it is like you save the whole world.
        The holy prophet also quoted the mass murderer Moses, and the pimp Ibrahim – another big misstake.
        Jesus and Mohammad error free? No!
        How do we know that Allah is the God of both the Christians and the Moslems, but not the Jews?

      • Forgive me for not replying to your lengthy religious rant earlier, some of which I deleted for being irrelevant.

        1. A true prophet never make mistakes in the matter of Divine message. However, as a human, he is liable to make some mistakes in the matter of worldly matters.
        2. There is no proof that Jesus did curse Israelite as the New Testament was authored by people who never met Jesus or listened to his divine message. They wrote lies about Jesus to serve their personal interests.
        3. The so-called ‘Jews’ in Makkah and Medinah followed Torah (O.T.) and not Talmud – both were written in Hebrew language. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) only spoke and understood Arabic like the rest of non-Jew Arabs. However, he was not educated to read or write Arabic. Thus he couldn’t have followed the teachings of Talmud which insult prophet Moses and Jesus.
        4. Many Christian and Jewish scholars have admitted that Bible has long been corrupted by human hands – while still believing, “Bible is word of God”. No Islamic scholar has made such claim about Holy Qur’an during the last 1400 years. But that doesn’t mean that people should be killed for believing that Holy Qur’an has full of mistake- making it incompatible with the modern Western civilization and democracy.
        5. Holy Qur’an’s Almighty God is not racist or sexiest. He feeds and cares for all His creations; human, animals, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc. He doesn’t prefer Muslims over Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or even Atheists. He will judge them all based on their actions on planet Earth.
        6. If you seriously believe that prophet Moses was a “mass murderer” and prophet Ibrahim was a “pimp” – could you prove in an American court that your father was not a “pimp”?

  2. How ridiculous not being allowed to use Allah for God in Christianity or in Christendom. Allah is simply one of the many titles of God, in several languages. I do agree that there are many Christians in Christendom who have an other view than those in Christianity who only worship One God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.
    Some Christians and Muslims may find that Allah is not the same God for both groups. In a certain way we could agree for some Christians who take Jesus also to be God, than this would be a different person than our God Jehovah, the God of Abraham for Jews, Christians and Muslims.
    But because it is a title it can not be specified to One God only and should be allowed to use for the God of gods, but also for those who worship an other god.

  3. The God of Christianity is not a Three in One God. According to the Holy Scriptures there is only One God, but lots of Christians believe in the Trinity and went on the wrong path, but not all Christians. Christians and Muslims should recognize the different groups in Christendom: teh Trinitarians (who worship 3 gods) and the non-trinitarians or Unitarians (who worship only One Eternal God).

  4. Allah is a word used in many language, like mine, as title indicating ‘God’. Muslims can never demand they will have the only use for a word because they would like to give it such or such meaning.

    Also should a lot of Muslims, atheists, Hindus and other believers know that not all Christians worship a three-une God. It is wrong to equalise all Christians with Roman Catholics, who teach and follow a trinitarian dogma.

    There are lots of Christians in the world who worship only One True God, the Divine Supreme Merciful Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds, Whose Name is given in the Holy Scriptures, as being Jehovah.

    Muslims may can cannot claim to be the only worshippers of that One God, because God belongs to all creatures.

    • When was the last time you searched for the followers of 73 cults of Christianity? Roman Catholic is the largest Christian cult (1.2 billion out of 1.7 billion Christian world population). The RC Church believes in Trinity (3 gods in one God). Nearly 100 million Christians aka Evangelists, believe their SALVATION depend on licking “Jewish bottoms”.

      Jewish Elohim, Hashem, Jehovah are very racist G*ds. They, according to the OT and even NT has declared anyone who’s born to a Jewish woman, is their “Chosen One”, even if he is a mass murderer, gangster, terrorist or a “baby killer”.

      None of these Judeo-Christian God, Goddess and Saints can be equated with the 99 Attributes of the Universal Creator Allah. Allah has no gender while the other gods have it. Allah says he is Creator all humanity and could be merciful to people who are merciful to His other creations. Contrary to that, all the Biblical prophets claimed to be “tribal” and claimed their god chose the tribe or the community they were sent.

      The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared that his Divine message (Holy Qur’an) is Universal as it was given to him by Allah whose Domain is Universal.

  5. In the Bible Allah is also presented as the God of all, but yes also of murderers, rapists, good and bad people. According to the Holy Scriptures they all can repent and return on the right path of salvation, no one is excluded, but everybody has to make its own choice.

    Please do not forget what is written in the Quran about the other prophets, Adam, Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Iesa/Isa (Jeshua / Jesus), and many others. Allah has given some Prophets Books, containing the word of Allah, which still can be found in the Old Testament and which should also be read by Muslims. The Muslim should also believe in those books, as they have been sent down by Allah. as such the Gospels or Injil should be taken seriously also by Islamic people. You seem to spit on Jews and Christians alike, but seem to forget that in the Quran is also indicated to have respect for those who worship only One god (Allah) and read the Taurat (Torah) like a devout Muslim also should do, The Muslim also should accept those books and should believe that those Books are sent down by Allah.

    Jews, Christians and Muslims should make sure to follow the right path and pray to Allah:

    اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ
    صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلا الضَّالِّينَ

    Dear God,
    Show us or Guide us to the straight way
    The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.

    • Stop showing your stupidity and ignorance of Bibles, both OT and NT. None of them were originally authored in Arabic language. The verse you posted is as dubious as the “Bible promised Holy Land to Jews”. That’s the very reason, Muslims around the world are against Torah or Bible copying Qur’anic words, statements and messages to fool ignorant or simple Muslims.

      Both Jews and Christians hate to let their bibles translated from Hebrew and Greek to Arabic – fearing that would reveal their Judeo-Christian filth against biblical prophets, Allah and their barbaric teachings against followers of other religions. I remember how the Jewish Lobby got upset at the publication of Jewish hateful Holy Talmud in Arabic in 2012.

      The concept of the Almighty Creator (Allah) is totally different in all three so-called “Abrahamic faiths”. Modern day Jews worship a “piece of land”; Christians worship a “human”, and Muslims worship the Divine Book. The followers of other major religion Hinduism, worships 365 gods.

  6. It is very narrow minded to think Muslims worship a divine book. For some this might be, but that is against the Will of Allah.

    Too many forget that there are real worshippers of the Only One True God, Allah, Al Khaleeq (The Creator). Too many forget that for several Jews, real Christians and Muslims this is one and the Same Spirit Being, the God of Abraham, Who is the God of Israel.

    I do agree with Christians it is much more difficult to say they would honour the same god, because the majority of Christians worships a three-headed god and as such are really polytheists. They claim themselves monotheists but their godheads have even more differences that several gods in paganism with their main god. so why call the others polytheists whilst themselves monotheists?

    The ones who worship a book (certain Christians and certain Muslims) or a piece of land (certain Jews and Zionists) have often stepped far away from the Scriptural Truth and have preferred to keep to human dogma’s instead to the words of Allah/God.

    • It seems you needs to polish you knowledge of Islam – the FAITH.

      To 1.9 billion around the world, Holy Qur’an is a Divine message which culminated all divine messages revealed to earlier Biblical prophets. They don’t give a damn what the none Muslims believe whose own holy scriptures are have long been corrupted by humans as claimed by Dr. Robert Funk, an authority on Bible, in a study he conducted in the 1990s along with 15 other Judeo-Christian scholars.

      Yes- Islamic FAITH revolves around the book (Holy Qur’an); Christianity is based on TRINITY which Judaism is based on a piece of land (Palestine) which has been replaced with Holocaust myth since the 1960s.

      • Where do you get it from that Christianity is based on Trinity? You seem to miss all the non-trinitarian denominations. Christendom has the trinitarian and binarian Christians, who worship a three-headed god, but real Christians only worship One God and do follow the sent one from God, the prophet Jeshua.

      • @Mr. Inquirer

        I learned that from during my studies at a Catholic Mission. I’m surprised John Hagee didn’t tell you that.

        For your information – the non-trinitarian are less than 15% of world’s total population of 1.7 billion – mostly pro-Israel Evangelicals.

  7. Please post my answer, brother Rehmat

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