Gil Troy: ‘Those Bloody NY Jews Betrayed Israel’

On October 9, 2013, The Jewish Week, published History Professor Gil Troy’s (McGill University, Montreal) article, titled, ‘Where Are Your Bloody New York Jews?‘ The article not only shows that Troy is an insult to History Studies, but also a very hateful Jew, who has insulted New Yorker Jews.

Troy is very disappointed with the 250,000 New Yorker Jews who did not rally against Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani visit to New York and let him “charm” the delegates around the world including the US president Barack Obama. As result, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to convince the delegates at the UN General Assembly of the great threat Iran’s nuclear program poses to the US, Israel and the world at large.

Imagine how much harder Rouhani’s task would have been — and how much easier Netanyhau’s would have been — had 250,000 Jews rallied, denouncing Iranian nuclear proliferation, condemning Iran’s religious oppression, exposing Iran’s crackdown on gays and dissidents – and mourning the Syrian slaughter, too. Spilling out angrily from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza toward the UN, blocking traffic, including some dignitaries’ limousines, shouting slogans, waving placards, New York Jews could have made a difference, showing love for Israel, supporting oppressed Iranians and Syrians, while repudiating the Iran of the Ayatollahs and the corrupt Revolutionary Guard,” wrote Troy.

Troy also accuses New Yorker Jews for throwing Israel under the bus in 1975 for not campaigning against the UN General Assembly declaring Zionism as racism. As result of their silence America’s UN ambassador, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who was fighting UN resolution, asked Israel’s Ambassador Chaim Herzog: “Where are your bloody Jews?”.

Then the Zionist con-man shed some tears for the 2,846 Goyims killed by Mossad on September 11, 2001.

Troy ended his rant with a plea that American Jews need to give priority to Israel over their homeland. I wonder, how Troy would define “treason”?

Perhaps next fall, when the Third World Dictators’ Debating Society reconvenes by the East River yet again, some will mobilize. We owe it to ourselves, our community, our country and our homeland, Israel, to inconvenience ourselves to help better the world,” said Troy.

I will try to be very short in debunking Troy’s profession Hasbara lies, as being a Research Fellow at Shalom Hartman Engaging Israel, he is just doing his job.

1. Hassan Rouhani, while studying for his Ph.D, in Britain, did not take educational loans or worked for living. On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu took educational loans during his studies at MIT, which he never paid back, and cheated on US taxes while working as a furniture salesman under four different names (Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Nitai, John Jay Sullivan and John Jay Sullivan Jr.). Netanyahu holds US-Israel dual citizenship, while Rouhani doesn’t have any foreign citizenship.

2. Jews, no doubt, have world’s largest LGBT community based on their 12.7 million world population. However, they’re not better treated in Israel than Muslim countries. In fact, Canadian Jewish writer and author, Erig Walberg, has claimed that Muslim societies are far more tolerant towards LGBT than in Israel. Israel uses LGBT for political gains.

Last year, Professor Cathrine Franke, Director of Gender and Sexuality Centre at Columbia Law School blasted Israeli ambassador, Michael Oren, saying: “It is one thing to express our solidarity with gay and lesbians in another country such as Israel, it’s quite another to become pawns in that country’s foreign policy strategy,”

3. There are 25,000 native Jews in Iran – the largest Jewish community outside occupied Palestine. It’s always represented by one Jewish member in the Majlis (parliament). Contrary to that, Israel has nearly one million Muslim population, with NO representation in the Israeli Knesset. That speaks for the Israeli tolerance toward non-Jewish minorities.

4. Last year, in an interview published at Salem-News, Israeli Zionist Jewish author, Barry Chamish, admitted that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack was an ‘in-house’ job executed by Bush administration with the help of local Zionists and Israeli Mossad.


2 responses to “Gil Troy: ‘Those Bloody NY Jews Betrayed Israel’

  1. Ouch! Someone named Gil sounds pissed. Are the days gone when Israel would bark out, “JUMP” and the world would ask “How High?”

  2. The largest Jewish community in the ME outside of “israel”

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