Clare Short: ‘Syria is under attack to weaken Iran’


Clare Short, former British MP and secretary of state for International Development has claimed on her blog that the US-lead war on Syria has nothing to do with “achieving democracy and dignity but to overthrow the regime in order to weaken Iran and Hizbullah.”

It is deeply hypocritical of Obama, Cameron and the rest to demand action on the use of chemical weapons because it is a breach of international law when they will take no action as Israel continues to breach international law in its behaviour in the occupied territories. On this we have the 2004 advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice, the highest authority in the international system on international law, which makes absolutely clear that Israel is in grave breach of international law in the occupied territories. The US and the UK constantly denounce Russia for making impossible Security Council authorised military action against Syria when the US, almost always supported by the UK, constantly blocks any action whatsoever to try to restrain Israel’s breaches of international law in the occupied territories,” said Short.

One of Short’s other statements, which offended the British Jewish Lobby (“Freinds of Israel”), was: “It’s Europe that’s responsible for the historical persecution of the Jews and the horrendous holocaust, so Europe has a responsibility to heal all of this.” That amounts to delegitimization of the Zionist entity.

Netanyahu is pushing Obama to attack Syria followed by an attack on Iran. Israel’s prominent American anti-Muslim propagandists like Abraham Foxman and Dennis Ross have whined that blocking war on Syria makes an attack on Iran more necessary.Foxman has urged Obama to attack Iran otherwise the United States would loose its world leadership. Ross claimed in the Jewish Washington Post (September 9, 2013) that president Rouhani’s position “will inevitably be weakened once it becomes clear that the US cannot use force against Syria. At that point, paradoxically, the hard-liners in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and around the Supreme Leader will be able to claim that there is only an economic cost to pursuing nuclear weapons but no military danger. Their argument will be: Once Iran has nuclear weapons, it will build its leverage in the region; its deterrent will be enhanced; and, most importantly, the rest of the world will see that sanctions have failed, and that it is time to come to terms with Iran“.Yawn!

The Zionist Jew idiot doesn’t realize that under Iran’s Constitution, only the Supreme Leader has the authority to declare war or peace and not president Hassan Rouhani.

However, US-based Jewish intelligence agency, Stratfor, on September 4, 2013 published a analysis, saying that an American military attack on Syria will further increse Iranian influence in the region.

Conventional wisdom says that a weakened Syria would undermine Iran’s regional influence, but a US military intervention in the country could actually benefit Tehran. The government there has devised a sophisticated strategy for responding to a U.S. attack. Of course, Tehran would activate its militant proxies in the region, including Hezbollah, in the event that the United States launches an attack, but it would also exploit Washington’s visceral opposition to Sunni jihadist and Islamist groups to gain concessions elsewhere,” said the sudy.


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