Make Israel join the Syria Plan


Syrian president Bashar al-Assad under pressure from Moscow and Tehran has agreed to put country’s chemical weapons under international supervision. Most probably, these weapons will be secured and destroyed in mid-2014.

After eliminating one source of chemical Holocaust – the next step for Russia and America should be to force both Israel and Egypt to put their chemical weapon stockpiles under international supervision, so they can be destroyed in the near future.

According to recent CIA documentation, the agency had decisive evidence dating back to 1980s that the Zionist entity had a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in addition to over 300 nuclear bombs.

The international control of Syrian chemical weapons should pave the way for disarming Israeli and Egyptian WMDs. It would also help to affirm Iran’s non-nuclear status and for progress toward the goal of a Middle East free of nuclear, chemical and biological WMDs. This would satisfy Iran-Arab League’s demand in the past.

Sensing this may happen in the near future, according to Israeli media, Netanyahu told John Kerry during a meeting in Tel Aviv on Sunday that Israel would not join the Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC) until all the regional contries are ripped-off their chemical weapons including Iran’s nuclear program – and they all recognize Israel’s right to exist within its present borders. In other words, the Zionist regime has no intention of joining the CWC.

How sincere is US-Israel in resolving its own created bloody mess in Syria and the region? The world will find out soon by their reaction to the UN proposed Syrian peace conference in Geneva and peacefully resolving the 65-year-old Zionist cancer in Palestine.

It’s also high time for the American voters to demand that Washington must stop its annual military donation ($3 billion) to Israel, which it has been using not only to invade its neighbors but also making billions of dollars by selling American military technology to China, India and several other buyers.


One response to “Make Israel join the Syria Plan

  1. As a writer had rightfully put it, U.S is an Israeli colony. The government IN the U.S. takes its order from Israel. The government IN the U.S. cannot guide or order Israel. Russia, maybe unintentionally, betrayed Syria by her action to put Syrian CW under international control. Syria now became another Middle Eastern country without slightly means to defend itself against the state terrorist of Israel.

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