Tony Abbott: New pro-Israel Australian PM

On Saturday, September 7, Tony Abbott’s Conservative-Liberal opposition party won the Australian parliament election. The country’s powerful Jewish Lobby took the credit for Abbott’s victory over Kevin Rudd’s governing Labour Party.

Dan Goldberg provided a clue to Tony Abbott’s victory at Israeli daily Haaretz.

“The near consensus in favor of Tony Abbott to replace Kevin Rudd as the nation’s next PM comes as the Liberal Party reportedly plans to upgrade relations with Jerusalem, make visa applications easier for Israelis, ban more terror groups and stop financial support to any organization that supports the boycott Israel campaign,” said Goldberg.

On August 15, 2013, Australia’s outgoing foreign minister Bob Carr was condemned by the Jewish Lobby for agreeing with British foreign secretary William Hague that all Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Abbott, who became Australia’s third prime minister in three months (Julia Gillard + Kevin Rudd) is committed to strengthening Canberra-Tel Aviv relation. Kevin Rudd’s government had several Israel-Firster cabinet ministers, such as, Michael Danby, Mark Dreyfus, Mike Kelly, Bill Shorten and Mellissa Parke. Edham Nurredin Husic, a non-practicing Bosnian Muslim, was also in Rudd’s cabinet.

Antony Loewenstein, an Australian Jewish writer, author and blogger, wrote at British daily Guardian: “Abbott’s view on foreign policy are rarely discussed, but he seems to retain a Bush administration perspective on the world – ‘You’re either with us or against us‘.”

When I met Abbott in Sydney in 2010 and challenged him to learn more about Israel’s flouting of international law, he reverted to familiar, right-wing Zionist talking points. Both the Liberal party and Zionist lobby remain upset that in 2012, Australia didn’t reject Palestine’s statehood at the UN. Foreign affairs spokesperson for the Coalition, Julie Bishop, has pledged to return Australia to an uncritical stance towards Israel, placing us in a very isolated position globally. (The Greens, especially senator Lee Rhiannon, condemns Israel’s destruction of aid projects in Palestine, some of which are funded by Canberra),” wrote Loewenstein. Read full article here.

Abbott has promised the Jewish Lobby a visa free entry to Israeli Jews (only the US and Canada have such facility extended to Israelis), ban the BDS movement and entry any person having ties with Hamas or Hizbullah.

Tony Abbott stated last month that he believes in a traditional marriage between a man and woman. However, his sister Christine Forster is a lesbian, which considered as being ‘woman liberation’ by many organized Jewish groups.


8 responses to “Tony Abbott: New pro-Israel Australian PM

  1. 2 words: Rhodes Scholar…..thats what he is. Part of the Rothschilds inner circle.

  2. You are really dishing up the dregs by firstly posting an article which quotes from Haaretz, a very questionable and disreputable publication.

    Secondly the article was written by a more than disreputable person by the name of Dan Goldberg. Who I might add quotes one Antony Loewenstein, worse than the two combined.

    You do yourself no justice.

    It is beholden on a person who writes and article to check their facts before publication, so as to not make themselves look stupid for their inaccurate reporting.
    You say “The country’s powerful Jewish Lobby took the credit for Abbott’s victory over Kevin Rudd’s outgoing Labour Party.”
    Really? As an active member of the Jewish Community I can tell you there is no ” powerful Jewish Lobby” and most certainly no one in the Jewish Community took any credit for the demise of the ALP government. This is just typical of Dan Goldberg trying to big-note himself. He mkes himslef look more stupid each article he writes.

    As to making “visa applications easier for Israelis” No such thing. It’s a case of bringing them into line with other countries.

    As to “banning more terror groups” Fantastic. We don’t want that on our shores and it will make us a safer place to live.

    “and stop financial support to any organization that supports the boycott Israel campaign ”That is a great initiative. The BDS is a racist and antisemitic organisation, which actually harms the Arabs living and working in Judaea and Samaria.

    “Bob Carr was condemned by the Jewish Lobby for agreeing with British foreign secretary William Hague that all Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.”
    So he should be because he was wrong.

    The only reason why settlement “legality” has become such a contentious issue is largely due to Arab countries succeeding in promulgating a less-than-faithful interpretation of international law at the UN.

    There is a strong case that the Fourth Geneva Convention does not apply to Judaea and Samaria and that, even if it does, was never intended to make voluntary population movements illegal.

    Current growth in settlements does not threaten a two-state resolution because no new West Bank settlements are being built, existing settlements take up less than 2 per cent of the West Bank, and their boundaries are not being expanded.

    • Thank you for your stupidity and self-denial, Moshe.

      You’re claiming that since Dan Goldberg is a Zionist Israeli Jew and daily Ha’aretz, with largest circulation in Israel and owned by Zionist Jews – are not reliable sources. So tell me Moshe about your Jewishness? Are you Theodore Herzle or Mose Dayan??

  3. Thank you for showing yourself as a foul racist antisemitic bigot. Well done.
    You have shown yourself up well and truly. Pure pig’s swill.

    Dan Goldberg is a snake in the grass. If you want to be sued, I’ll happily post what I know about him for you.
    He is not an Israeli for starters. He is Australian.

    Haaretz is in big financial trouble, only holding on because idiots and haters like you believe what they post is the truth, because that’s what you want to believe, when it is far from it. They twist and distort everything to get their readership figures.
    Yedioth Ahronoth is the largest by far
    Followed by the Jerusalem Post, Maariv and Arutz Sheva

    Haaretz is the oldest that’s all.

  4. Jews are the Synagogue of Satan!! They have been EJECTED from MANY counties throughout history!! What kind of person (JEW) funds a war that is EXTERMINATING jews. I often wonder if the Jews killed by Hitler were the real Jews, and the 1’s left are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (ASHKANAZI)!! LISTEN TO ABE FINKLSTEIN!!! A JEWISH RABBI!!! HE ADMITS JEWS WORSHIP SATAN!!!

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