Lasse Wilhelmson: Sweden’s ‘National Antisemite’


Lasse Wilhelmson is Sweden’s well-known writer, author, blogger and political activist. He is son of a Swedish Jewish mother and non-Jewish father. He describes himself: “As the oldest child, I was the only one that worried about my Jewishness, and this led to me spending several years in Israel at the beginning of the sixties, but also to my involvement in the Palestinian question later in life. Due to my experiences, I eventually chose not to identify myself as a Jew at all. I was also liberated from a mind encumbered with Marxist thinking as the two are linked. I now had the opportunity to view religions and ideologies in a more independent and traditionally humanitarian way“.

In November 2012, Sweden’s top pro-Israel newspaper, Aftorbladet, called for jailing of Wilhelmson for his criticism of Israel, Zionism and the organized Jewish power.

In March, Swedish blogger Jan Milld interviewed Wilhelmson. The English translation of the interview, published on September 6, 2013, can be read here. Both Milld and Wilhelmson are ‘nationalists’ and ‘anti-immigration’. However, they view the ‘Israeli problem’ differently. Milld favors a ‘two-state’ solution while Wilhelmson, like myself, supports one-state solution. And for the Israeli Jews, who don’t want to share the one state of Palestine with its native Muslims and Christians – Wilhelmson’s advice is not much different than what Helen Thomas said in 2010.

The Jewish settlers who do not wish to live alongside Palestinians in peace, including those who will return, should go back to the countries they came from. That is, to the US, Europe, Russia and other places. After all, the settlers have stolen the land from those who lived there, thus I believe they lack the moral right to decide on its future,” Wilhemson said on Al-Quds Day in 2009.

Some of the ‘antisemitic’ statements Wilhemson made during the interview:

1. The ”State” of Israel was proclaimed unilaterally by the Jews and was not a UN decision as many wrongly believe. Israel lacks a constitution and internationally recognised boarders – both necessary when countries recognise one another. This whole process is well-documented in Göran Burén’s new book ”The Murder of Folke Bernadotte”.

2. The Jews are not an ethnic, homogeneous group, nor a people as normally defined. There are said to be two large groups. Askenazi, mainly from AD 740, who are converted Khazars (northern Turks and Mongolians). They are estimated to make up 80 percent of Jews in the world. The other group are Sephardi who are mostly converted Berbers and make up the remaining 20 percent.

3. The Palestinian issue is pivotal because the power elite of today uses Zionism to control people in the West, so that they do not oppose the wars. Zionism’s short-term goal is a Jewish state in Palestine, hence the Palestinians’ struggle for their country is pivotal and special. Their struggle becomes a symbol for the liberty of all people.

4. The Zionist state and its lobby have great influence over US foreign policy, nowadays quite overt and relatively uncontested. The power elite which includes other than Jews, however, is dominated by the Jewish Mafia, particularly the economy and the production of ideology. It exploits the Jewish group and its identification with the Jewish state, the bond that holds it tightly together. Zionism is the main reason for political Jew-hatred, hence also the Jews’ worst enemy.

5. The Zionist state does not have a future. The very nature of it is incompatible with peace and coexistence within its boundaries and with its neighbours.

6. ”Antisemitism” used to mean hatred of Jews as a group. It was occasionally based on racism. These days, ”antisemite” is used by Jews to define those they do not like. The reason why I get accused of being ”antisemite”, ”Holocaust-denier” and ”conspiracy-theorist” is because those who defend a world they consider to be upright wish to silence me and anyone else who holds a different view.

7. The US Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by the American government, but by the Jewish Rothschild family through Jewish bankers. The majority of Federal Reserve Chairmen have been Jewish.

There are 20,000 Jews living among Sweden’s 9.5 million population. However, organized Jewry is very powerful in the country. It’s funded by the government and guided by the Zionist Jewish US and Israelis.


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