SPLC: Ron Paul mingles with ‘Canadian Jew-haters’

On August 20, 2013, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the US-based Jewish civil liberty group, condemned former US Rep. Ron Paul for agreeing to be the keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by Canadian Fatima Center. The Catholic group, has long been designated by Jewish groups as “radical Christian” and “Jew-hater”. Incidently, Mel Gibson’s father Hutton Gibson is contacted with the group.

The conference is titled ‘Fatima: The Path to Peace’ – calling for the merger of the Church and State in the world government. The conference will be held Niagra Falls’ Scotiabank Convention Centre from September 8-13, 2013. In addition to Ron Paul, the other notable speakers will include Roberto Fiore, former EU member from Italy and John F. McManus, president of John Birch Society. McManus is linked to E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars monthly Catholic magazine. All these three dudes are well-known “antisemites”, according to the SPLC.

Furthermore, Jewish Lobby is puzzled over the date of Ron Paul’s speech on September 11, 2013. Ron Paul, not only rejects the official 9/11 story, he also claims that the chemical attack near Damascus, was a false flag operation carried out by the US-backed rebels.

According to the Fatima Center, 27 speakers belonging to clergy, academic and politics, have accepted the invitation to speak at the conference. The theme of the conference is very timely. It slams the man-made Godless secularism which is root of all the miseries and wars. It calls for the removal of the warmongering leaders who have no religious morals or compassion for the fellow human-beings.

Government without God – secularism – has failed! How could anyone ever believe it might have succeeded? How can you ignore the Creator and His laws and think that His Creation is yours to refashion according to your own ideas? Secularism has been the most insane experiment in the history of human folly!How many times have talks aimed at peace ended in war? How many times will we trust in the wisdom of leaders who have no wisdom, because they have no fear of God?,” says the statement.

Read interesting response to SPLC accusations against the Fatima Center conference here.

The Jewish lobby has began replaying its old smear campaign against Ron Paul that reached to its peak during Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for Republican party’s presidential nomination. It has also hit his son Sen. Rand Paul, who has been licking Lobby’s shoes for while to prove his ‘kosher’ credentials. For example, J.J. Goldberg wrote at Jewish daily Forward (September 2) that Ron Paul’s such anti-Jewish actions could ruin Sen. Rand Paul’s chances of getting Republican party’s 2016 nomination.

Jonathan Chait at New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer, equated Ron Paul’s visit to the conference with the Spanish Inquisition, during which the invading Christian Crusaders killed 3-5 million Muslims and over 100,000 Jews in Spain.

 Henry Decker claimed a long history of Ron Paul’s bigotry against Jews and Israel at Joe Conason’s National Memo blog.

Father Nicholas Gruner who runs the Fatima Center, told the Jewish Washington Free Beacon that his group doesn’t hate Jews. However, he said that he doubts Nazis could have killed six million Jews.

Canada’s defence minister Rob Nicholson, though invited, has refused to attend the conference fearing backlash from Jewish groups. Senator Roméo Dallaire has also pulled his name from speakers’ list at the conference. In 2010, the Senator told George Stroumboulopoulos that he prays to the same God Jews pray.

Father Nicholas Gruner started the Fatima Center in 1978. The Catholic denomination is devoted to a miracle of Fatima in which Jesus’ mother Saint Mary appeared to three Portugese children in 1917.


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