Anti-Christ: The search continues…

Rixon Stewart does it again!

On July 18, he posted an article entitled ‘Understanding the Anti-Christ in which he uses Soviet Union, China, Communism, Capitalism, Bible, Catholic and Protestant Church, Shia-Sunni Islam, etc. to prove God know what – but nothing about the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

On April 2, 2011. Rixon Stewart had posted a similar idiotic article, entitled ‘Iran’s “End Times” Documentary and the “Last Messiah”. That article was full of his ignorance of Islam, Holy Qur’an, Jesus in Islam, Shia’s Imam Mahdi and Qiyamah (End Times). My response to the article can be read here.

I must admit that I agree with Stewart that there is no difference between the communism and capitalism. Both were created by Jewish elites. In August 2009, Zionist Rush Limbaugh admitted that Jews created Capitalism. Milton Friedman, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Economic Science, also claimed that Jews created capitalism and socialism to serve the interests of their own tribe. Watch a video below.

I remember Rev. Pat Robertson at The 700 Club in February 2002, had claimed that the Anti-Christ will be a Jew. Later on, at a American Jewish Congress reception, Robertson apologized to the world Jewry for making that statement. Pastor Texe Marrs says that according to Daniel 8:37-38, Anti-Christ will be a Jew. On the other hand, many Judeo-Christian scholars believe the Anti-Christ will be a Pope.

Having said that, I will like to refute some of statements Rixon made in his latest rant.

1. The prominent leaders of the Bolshevic revolution, communist party and the Soviet Union, were not athiests. They’re all born to Jewish parents. Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin, had Jewish family roots. The first president of Soviet Union was Jewish. Last month, even Russian president Vladimir Putin said that 80-85% of the first government of Soviet Union was Jewish.

2. Catholics and Sunnis are the majority sects in Christianity and Islam. However, the emergence of the Shia sect cannot be compared with the Protestant Church. Shia sect is the result of political difference with Sunnis over the khilafat of Hazrat Ali (as), son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the 4th. righteous Caliph of the first Islamic State of Medina. On the other hand, Protestant Church was established by the King Henry VIII after the Pope refused to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so he can remary Anne Bolyen.

There were no Catholics in Jesus (as) life-time. There were no Sunnis or Shias during the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life-time.

3. Only some idiot will believe that the message in the Bible (OT or NT) and Holy Qur’an is similar. The authors of the Old Testament and the New Testament never heard personally what prophets Moses (as) and Jesus (as) said. OT was written by rabbis over 1500 years after the death of Moses (as) while NT was written by the “people of interest” during 150-200 years after the disappearance of Jesus (as). It was written in Greek language which Jesus (as) or St. Paul never spoke. Contrary to that, Holy Qur’an was recorded by the people who heard and walked along with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It was assembled in the present-day book-form 15 years after the death the Prophet (pbuh).

The Bible doesn’t preach the “Oneness of God”; allows ursury and teaches racism, pornography, and even insults some Israelite prophets and women. Contrary to that Holy Qur’an bases Islam on the “Oneness of Allah”; condemns  usury, teaches brotherhood among people of all colors and races, and glorifies all biblical prophets and women.

All Abrahamic religions speak of an individual who will arrive at the End of Time. This person is called al-Masih, or Messiah, by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Christians and Muslims accept Jesus (as), the son of Mary, as the Messiah. Though prophecies regarding his arrival and actions once he gets here differ, both Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus (as) will return in the End of Time. And both speak of an AntiChrist, al-Masih ad-Dajjal, literally the Imposter Christ. He will cause great tribulation for those who do not follow him. He will deceive many. The Dajjal is not a system. He is a human being. But, is this the system conditioning the world to accept him when he arrives?:


12 responses to “Anti-Christ: The search continues…

  1. am the biggest anti-Christ world ever known. I don’t know what or who this Christ is neither I care nor I want to know.

    • Are you sure your name, as per the alphanumeric code, adds up to Mark’s Beast 666? Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained Jewish researcher, has claimed that former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, is Anti-Christ because his names adds up to 666.

  2. Like many Mossad operatives masquerading as Muslims, rehmat twists the truth to suit his argument: For example he says the Russian Revolutionaries were largely Jewish.

    That’s true but that doesn’t mean they weren’t aetheists too.

    You’ve heard of “secular Jews”? Well its the same thing. Duh!!!

    And I note while you criticise my article you fail to post a link to it so readers can judge for themselves. You misrepresent what I say entirely without providng any verbatim quotes to substantiate this claim.

    I could do the same and say your article betrays a profound ignorance without providing any quotes to illustrate this. It’s a classic disinfo technique

    Rehmat you smell like a disinformation agent, hiding behind claims of devotion to Islam but in reality you’re defaming it.

    • There are no “secular Jew”, you moron. I recommend you study Gilad Atzmon’s book, ‘The Wandering Who: A study of Jewish Identity Politics’, instead of whining like Daniel Pipes.

  3. I know Gilad Atzmon, he features regularly on my website and I helped promote his book.

    As to your claim that “There are no secular Jew”(s): what do you call the Russian communists who persecuted Christians? Or don’t they count because they were Jews?

    And why don’t you provide a link to my article or the website so readers can judge for themselves? Afraid that your deceit might become apparent if you those posted links?

    Like a Mossad disinformation agent, you simply accuse me without providing any evidence to substantiate your claims. Like your accusation that I’m “whining like Daniel Pipes”, you provide nothing to substantiate your empty insult.

  4. So you claim to help Gilad Atzmon in marketing his book, but don’t seem to have the time to read it. Gilad Atzmon and I have shared many topics at the peacepalestine website – and I have written half a dozen articles about Atzmon.

    Early this month, when Putin told the Jewish leaders that 80-85% of the members of Communist Russia’s first government were JEWISH, he did not say they’re “secularists”.

    Lenin and Stalin both had Jewish family roots. Stalin’s all three wives were Jewish. Both of them persecuted Christians and Muslims. They destroyed thousands of churches and mosques, but never touched a single synagogue. Check Henry Makow PhD’s website.

    Joseph Stalin even established Jewish state in Russia on May 7, 1934 –Birobidjan.

    Read my post without Zionist eye-glasses, moron. The link to your article is at the very first line on my post.

    Shalom and have a good day!!

    • I’m sorry I don’t have time to listen to the “closet Zionist” like Stewat Rixon. People like him are professional whinos. They’re trained to insult their critics instead of making some sense. This is not the first time. The moron chased me around internet a few years ago when I pulled his pants down.

      Jeremy Hammond of the ‘Foreign Policy Journal’ wrote a hit piece on me a few years ago when I criticized his interview with former ISI Gen. Hamid Gul.

      The ‘Blazing Fur Cat’ blog owner had also penned a hit piece a few years ago, entitled “Rehmat converted to Judaism, you should too”.

      My policy has always been, JUST IGNORE THE BARKING DOGS.

      • I thought the hit piece had a very weak arguing point. I don’t think you’re a shill. You know you’re influential when people write a hit piece on you, like Christopher Bollyn got a hit piece by the Jew Eric Hufschmid, who is related through marriage to Rupert Murdoch.

      • Franklin Ryckaert posted in your defense:

        The idea of Rixon Stewart that Rehmat is a Jew masquerading as a Muslim in order to discredit Islam seems nonsense to me. Stewart compares Rehmat to the Jews Joseph Cohen alias Yousef al-Khattab and Adam Pearlman alias Adam Gadahn who pretend to be irrationally fanatical Muslims, but Rehmat shows none of such characteristics. Yes he is a traditional Muslim and yes he condemns Israel’s and America’s policy toward Muslims, but that doesn’t fulfill the stereotype of the fanatical Muslim so desired by the Zionists. Read his own website (“Rehmat’s World”) and his comments elsewhere on the web – not in the last place here – and you will be convinced of that. Rixon Steward had a conflict with Rehmat and now he calls him a “Jewish disinfo agent”. How convincing!

  5. “Jeremy Hammond of the ‘Foreign Policy Journal’ wrote a hit piece on me a few years ago when I criticized his interview with former ISI Gen. Hamid Gul.”

    I think you mean I responded to your hit piece on FPJ by pointing out how you resorted to ridiculous ad hominem attacks (e.g., the laughable FPJ is a “pro-Israeli propaganda outlet”), lying, falsely attributing quotes, and otherwise engaging in silliness.

    • NOPE darling, I meant what I said. I rebuted your lies while you wrote a entire post based on personal attack to hide your embarrassment.

      Now, you see I still didn’t applied your Talmudic language “silliness” against you. Isn’t that laughable??

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