Jews against NY Jet’s Oday Aboushi

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 15 North Carolina at Virginia

Oday Aboushi (born 1991), who played for the University of Virginia Cavaliers, was drafted by the NFL’s New York Jets in May 2013 on a 4-year contract. Aboushi is a Brooklyn, New York, native, whose parents are Muslim Palestinian refugees.

Aboushi’s selection has come under the knives of pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups. The first to take a shot at Aboushi was Zionist Jewish writer Joe Kaufman. His anti-Muslim rant was published by the FrontPage magazine, owned by David Horowitz, who was declared one of the top dozen American Islamophobes by the Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) in 2008. In his rant, Kaufman claimed that Aboushi “gave a speech at a radical Muslim conference sponsored by a group denying Israel’s right to exist and associated with blatantly antisemitic and terrorist propaganda.”

In October 2001, Joe Kaufman writing for Florida Jewish Com. had urged Bush administration to bomb Muslim countries because they produce anti-Israel terrorists.

Kaufman’s rant was later followed by another Jew writer, Adam Waksman, who wrote at Yahoo! – “Could Oday Aboushi Jeopardize His NFL Career with Anti-Israel Activism?”.

Jonathan Mael, a former intern at the Jewish lobby AIPAC, tweeted: “The @NYJets are a disgrace of an organization. The Patriots have Aaron Hernandez, the Jets have Oday Aboushi“. In case some reader doesn’t know – Hernandez, was arrested last month for the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. It seems, Mael, thinks anyone with a name “Aaron” must be Jewish. I’m not sure, but Jewish media has claimed that Aaron Hernandez is not Jewish, but could have Jewish family roots.

I must admit, I was disappointed by Israel’s top propagandist Abraham Foxman (ADL), who issued a statement on July 12, saying: “Being pro-Palestinian does not mean you’re an antisemite or an extremist. The record simply does not show that Aboushi has crossed that line“.

After three day, the anti-Aboushi campaign lost its steam. NY Jets refused to buy Jewish lobby’s lies. On Friday, NY Jets team issued a statement in which Aboushi defended himself of the smear campaign by saying: ” It is upsetting to see people try and tarnish my reputation without even knowing me. But I appreciate all the support I have been getting from people of all backgrounds across the city and country“.


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