Rabbi Kaplan: Nelson Mandela hated Jews

You can’t expect a Zionist Jew to like a person who refuses to support the Zionist entity blindly. The Jewish weekly FORWARD has recently published several articles accusing Nelson Mandela for harboring anti-Jewish, anti-Israel activities. These Zionist writers, as usual, never acknowledged Mandela’s services to African and other people who have been victims of colonial powers for centuries. Their measure of statesmanship is solely based on Mandela’s refusal to ignore Zionist crimes.

The latest attempt on Mandela’s character assassination at the weekly is an article by Zionist Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, entitled, ‘The 2 Sides of Nelson Mandela’. In it he claims “the iconic figure not always perfect leader – especially for Jews“. As a professional Zionist propagandist, Kaplan first build his credibility before spreading lies about Nelson Mandela and ANC. He says that he was inspired by Mandela as a rabbi who led a congregation in South Africa in the immediate post-apartheid period.

Kaplan accuses Mandela for making anti-White South African statement after retiring as president of ANC on December 16, 1997. However, instead of providing a link to Mandela’s speech, Kaplan quotes American Zionist Jewish journalist Richard Stengel, managing editor TIME magazine to support his lie.

Kaplan also claims that before Mandela became a father figure among the South African, he was considered a terrorist among South African, Israelis, Americans and other European nations. Indirectly, Kaplan wants his readers to believe that the Whitefolks hated Mandela because Mandela disliked Jews.

According to Kaplan, some of other “anti-Jew crimes” Mandela committed include; he met PLO chairman Yasser Arafat on February 28, 1990, Lusaka, Zambia and equated Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation with Blacks struggle against the White African rule.

Kaplan ignored to mention the very close bond between President Nelson Mandela and South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris. Harris and his wife were chief guests at Mandela’s marriage.

Without wasting my time in responding to Kaplan’s Zionist rant – I like to copy MikeInBrixton’s comment: ”

This is a very strange, even disturbing article. At no point does it quote, or even suggest, any statement or action by Mandela in relation to Jews in South Africa. It just cites Mandela on his, not unsurprising, less that total trust of the White communities and then leaves an implication that he was anti-Semitic because Jews are a white community and therefore he was anti-Jewish. Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Ronnie Kasrils and many other South African Jews who struggled and suffered and even died alongside Mandela tell a very different story Yes he talked to Arafat before Israel gave him the nod to do that but why should he have listened to an Israeli leadership that was the last best friend and arms collaborator of the Apartheid regime – despite its well established pro-Nazi history.”
Strangely, another South African-born Rabbi Avi Rabin of Chabad of West Hill don’t agree with Kaplan. He wrote in the Jewish Journal (June 28, 2013): “As a South African living in America, I feel a great deal of gratitude to Mandela and pray for his health and the future of South Africa. He is a source of inspiration for me as a rabbi and leader in our community, to always strive for more and show every person respect and love. Jewish South Africans feel a great sense of connection and thanks to Mandela for everything he did to help transform and free our country of apatheid. Whether you’re a South African living abroad or South Africa, Mandela is special to you.
South African-born White Rabbi Kaplan belongs to the Reformed Judaism. He leads the United Congregation of Israelites, in Kingston, Jamaica. He earned his PhD in Judaism from Tel Aviv University.

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