Jewish-controlled BBC is baised against Israel

A recent report has claimed that almost four out of every five Jews in Britain believe that British Broadcastiing corporation (BBC) is biased against Israel in its news coverage.

According to the report, 36 per cent British Jews thought that the BBC was “heavily biased” against Israel, 43 per cent thought that it was “somewhat biased” – compared with a mere three per cent who felt that the BBC favoured Israel and 14 per cent that its coverage was “balanced”. Interestingly, 88% of British Jews prefer to watch BBC as compared with 49 per cent for ITV and 44 per cent for Channel 4, according to the report, “Jews and the News”, which was written by JPR senior research fellow David Graham.

In order to counter Zionist regime’s current world-wide delegitimation, former Jewish editor of the Times magazine, James Harding, has been hired as the new director of news and current affairs at BBC. Harding is expected to take his new position in August 2013. Harding will replace Helen Boaden, who is expected to become director of radio.

Robin Lustig, a former Jewish journalist at BBC, has rejected Jewish lobby’s demonization of BBC being baised against Israel. “It is absolutely impossible to write anything about the Middle East that will not be controversial for somebody,” says Lusting, adding: “In 23 years at the BBC, I never came across any deliberate bias, on Israel or anything else. That doesn’t mean they don’t get things wrong, it doesn’t mean there aren’t unconscious biases, of course there are.

In October 2012, Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle East correspondent and currently adviser to Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding had claimed that BBC and most of British mainstream media is controlled by a well-moneyed pro-Jewish lobby. “The BBC is very sparing in the amount of delegations or visitors it allows from the Palestinian side. Whereas from remarks that have been heard from the head of BBC News, Helen Boaden, the British Board of Deputies (of British Jews), for example, practically lives at the BBC. They’re there all the time. The pressure of this Israeli campaign has had a tremendous effect, especially at the institutional level of the BBC and inside the political parties. These people are extremely tough, tough minded. I have just read a book by Anthony Lerman called The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist. If you studied the internecine warfare that goes on inside the Jewish community between the different groups; the anti-Zionists, the Zionists, the liberal Zionists, the non-Zionists, it is vitriolic, it is dreadful, I mean what chance have we got outside that community,” said Llewellyn.

Thomas Sparks, in 2002, claimed that the Zionist Jews have an almost total grip on the media in Britain. Jenny Abramsky is Director of BBC Radio and Music and has control of all of BBC Radios 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Live, and of the BBC’s digital radio operation. Abramsky is the most powerful executive in radio in the UK, public service or commercial: with control of the five national radio stations she oversees 49% of all radio listening in Britain. She has an annual programming budget of £290 million, a staff of 600 and takes home £258, 000. She has spent over 30 years in BBC Radio, only taking a two-year break as Director of the BBC Continuous News Services. Abramsky has also been a Governor of the British Film Industry since February 2000. The BFI Annual Review for the year 1999-2000 states: “We embarked on a series of initiatives to establish cultural diversity as a core value across the BFI”. They have established the Towards Visibility campaign as part of their”cultural diversity strategy”. She received the accolade of “Woman of Distinction” from Jewish Care in 1990. Kosher Radio.


6 responses to “Jewish-controlled BBC is baised against Israel

  1. The BBC whose director went to Israel, sat with Ariel Sharon and hatched a scheme on how to be more Israel friendly in the BBC reports? Thompson’s reward being a cushy number at the NYT!

    PS welcome back

  2. Rehmat do you know this?

    Citizens expect their king to show respect for the core values as laid down in the kingdom’s constitution. The principle of non-discrimination is crucial in Dutch values as it is the very first article of the Constitution of the Netherlands. However, JNF-NL operates as a branch of the JNF-KKL, an Israeli para-state organization that carries out essential government functions and discriminates on the basis of religion and ethnicity at the expense of the rights of the indigenous Palestinian population.

    I want the Republic back!!!
    Kindest regards

  3. can u find out & tells us who are the directors & senior staff at Al Jazeera English currently?
    the article you did a few years back which shows that most senior staff at AJ English are Zionist Jews is not valid as many of them have left & i would like to know who their replacements are.

    • A january 2012 article by Radio Islam freedom research shows that Qatar ruler’s owned Al-Jazeera English network is still controlled by Jewish management staff – such as, an Israeli Jew Nir Rosen acting as “Al Jazeera special correspondent” with access to the Syrian opposition, Israeli Jewish editor “Roy” at Al Jazeera English’s Washington bureau openly wears the Star of Zion around his neck, Jewess Joanne Levine as the executive producer of programming for the Americas at Al Jazeera, Iraqi Jewess Rachel Shabi, Avram David (Avi) Lewis, a Canadian-Jewish documentary filmmaker and host of the Al Jazeera English show Fault Lines, Arthur Neslen Jewish freelance journalist based in Tel Aviv and considered by his Jewish critics to have been “the first Jewish employee of Al Jazeera”, and more….

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