US-Saudis: Committed to bring regime-change in Syria-Iran

Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry (with Jewish family roots), is on visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On Monday he held several meetings with the ‘King’s Men’ including Royal Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal in Riyadh.

On Moday, both “democratically elected” leaders told reporters in a joint news conference that both Riyadh and Washington are committed to bringing “genuine democracy” (read pro-USsrael) in Syria and Iran. Both warned Bashar al-Assad that they will boost military and financial support to rebels fighting his regime unless he steps down – and put Iran’s leadership on notice that time is running out for a diplomatic resolution to concerns about its nuclear program.

Saudi Arabia will do everything within its capacity, and we do believe that what is happening in Syria is a slaughter, a slaughter of innocents. We can’t bring ourselves to remain quiet. Morally we have a duty,” claimed the Prince.

The window of opportunity for a diplomatic solution cannot by definition remain open indefinitely. There is time to resolve this issue providing the Iranians are prepared to engage seriously on the P5+1 proposal. But talks will not go on for the sake of talks and talks cannot become an instrument for delay that will make the situation more dangerous,” warned John Kerry, according to Associated Press, March 4, 2013.

Any political aware person will tell you that America is not a democracy. Its President and lawmakers are chosen by 1% of country’s fatcats and local and foreign lobby groups, especially the 50 Jewish groups, which look after Israel’s interests. I have discussed Iranian response to John Kerry and Joe Biden warnings to the Iranian leaders over country’s so-called “anti-Israel nuclear program”, which can be read here and here.

As far as the Saudi warning is concerned – I prefer to reproduce Doug Bandow’s comment at pro-Israel The American Spectator magazine.

Ah yes, to be a “legitimate leader,” like the Saudi king, who is in charge because he was elected, er, because he was uniquely talented, er, because he allowed his people the liberty to run their lives, er, because … well, because he was one of the many geriatric sons of the guy who originally seized power decades ago.  Yes, speaking of “legitimacy”!

One wonders how the “legitimate leader” of Saudi Arabia would react if the people started protestingthere  as in Syria.  There’s no indication that the Saudi royals would be any more inclined to yield power than was Bashar al-Assad and his cronies.  And if there ever is shooting in the streets of Riyadh, would Washington remember its professed commitment to democracy?”.

So, whose interests John Kerry represents? Just remember, Kerry’s nomination was unanimously apporoved while Chuck Hagel suffered humiliation at the hands of pro-Israel Senators.

I rest my case!


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