John Kerry “ignores” Israel during his foreign tour

Two week ago, John Kerry began his nine foreign nations (Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE – all pro-USrael and anti-Syria) tour as Obama’s new foreign secretary. Kerry’s choice of those nations in Europe and the Middle East shows Obama administration’s concerns over America’s dwindling prestige and hegemony in the region.

John Kerry’s scheduled trip ahead of Obama’s visit to Israel was postponed, according Kerry’s Jewish spokeswoman Victoria Noland – because Kerry would escort Obama during his pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall. However, as expected, Kerry’s antisemitic action was criticized by Israel’s several propaganda media organs – from Brookings to BizPac Review to Wilson Center.

Marvin Kalb compared Kerry’s action at Brookings (February 22, 2013) with Barack Obama’s “historic” visit to Cairo (Egypt) in June 2009 when Obama avoided to visit Tel Aviv. “Obama got off on the wrong foot in his dealing with Israel, and nothing much happened in the US-Israel relations for the next four years,” wrote Kalb. He also asserted that “Kerry, by skipping Israel, is missing an opportunity to create a better relationship with Israel. That’s too bad, because Kerry could have done what his boss did not do at the beginning of his first administration. Without Israel’s cooperation or atleast understanding, the United States cannot do very much to advance Palestinian issue“.

Alan Bergstein was more paranoid at the BizPac Review (February 22, 2013). He said that while John Kerry is visiting nine nations – “instead of stepping foot in Israel, he will give it the middle finger“. Then Bergstein explained why Kerry’s action made him very mad. “He has called for a shared Jerusalem, the reurn of Golan Heights, a two-state solution and destruction of the settlements. His family’s Jewish history is also a bit of an embarrassment. Marrying into millionaire-billionaire family and hobnobbing with stiffed-neck (Jewish) Boston crowd doesn’t go well with the family’s original name of Kohn. For all he’s worth to Israelis, Kerry could avoid visiting Israel for his entire stay in office. That would be refreshing“, wrote Bergstein.

One reason I can think of Kerry’s not visiting the Zionist entity at this moment is – that both Kerry and his boss believe Netanyahu, at the moment, is too obsessed with Iran’s nuclear program to discuss any other issue. As Aaron David Miller wrote in the New Republic (February 7, 2013): “The inconvenient truth is that if you put Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas in a room tomorrow, their talks would fail galatically“. Miller said that “an imploding Syria and the mullah’s spinning centrifuges” are on Kerry’s mind now. “Ignore the Israelis and Palestinians for now; it will be good for them,” added the cunning Zionist Jew.

May be that’s why John Kerry told reporters that president Barack Obama, during his visit to Israel this month would not be discussing Palestinian issue with Israeli leaders.

To make the situation even worse, The Times of Israel reported on February 28, 2013 that Obama may call-off his March 20 trip to Israel – if Netanyahu fails to form a new governing coalition by March 16. Because in that case both Obama and Kerry will not have Israeli counterpart to conduct meaningful talks.


4 responses to “John Kerry “ignores” Israel during his foreign tour

  1. Oh, the disrespect American politicians show to our best friend is just sickening!
    Why, Congress even approved that noted anti-semite and israel hater Hagel! And, still Obama keeps the good-hearted Pollard locked away in a prison cell when all he tried to do was promote peace and understanding!
    And worst of all, America still won’t attack Iran! Iran is moments away from launching nukes at Israel and the US is just standing by, letting it all happen.
    Poor Israel. Always getting screwed over by that big bully, the USA.

  2. Poor oppressive Israel is being ignored because it has been taken over by ultra nationalist theocrats and Russian Zionists. Israel is the worst thing ever to happen to human history. It was founded in terror, its army is nothing but a high class terrorist group and occupiers. Its settlers are racists thugs and terrorists. Founded in terror, maintained in thiefdom, and sustained by oppression. And they’re our best friend. Ha! It is a forced friendship brought to you by the Zionist Lobby and the dual citizens. It is a parasitic friendship.

  3. Kerry is so in the Zionist pocket its not funny…this is all a ploy and Obama too for f’s sake they are more Zionist then most Jews are..PLEASE

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