Israel’s Syrian Chutzpah!


Lately, the war on Bashar al-Assad is going down the drain. This needed a new USS Liberty-type attack on Syria to pave the way for US-NATO intervention. So, on Wednesday, Israeli military jets, flying at low altitude, looked for a convoy carrying chemical weapons for Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizballah. After they could spot the convoy, they fired some missiles at a scientific research facility near Damascus, killing two civilians. Not a bad performance by the so-called “world’s fourth most powerful army”.

This proves without any doubt that there were no chemical weapons at the site, nor they’re being transfered to Hizballah. It was an Israeli false flag operation to provide a booster to the Saudi-Qatari financed Wahhabi/Salafi thugs figting Syrian government and killing tens of thousands of Syrian people.

According to Reuters, Israel refuses to accept the responsiblity due to its strategic concerns – a possible retaliation from Syria, Hizballah or Iran – and saving Israel’s not-so-secret alliance with its Muslim neighbors, such as, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt – who might otherwise feel bound to distance themselves. Washington, also, has kept its lips sealed for the same reasons. However, the American pro-Israel advocacy groups have assured Netanyahu government that their are very slim chances of some kind of retaliation from Syria, Hizballah or Hamas – which shares borders with the Zionist entity. Iran and Israel don’t share a common border.

Syria, Iran, Russia and Hizballah have condemned the Jewish army’s violation of a sovereign country which amounts to declaration of war. Iran’s foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi has warned of an international plot in Syria, urging a serious reaction to Israel’s aerial assault on a research center near Damascus to prevent the regime from repeating such attacks.

A serious reaction should be shown to the event. We should be very cautious about the regime’s dirty goals in the region because the Zionist regime doesn’t move within the framework of humanity, wisdom and international regulations,” said Salehi.

Syrian Army chief of Staff, General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, warned the Zionist regime not to test Syrian patience. According to state news agency, SANA, Ayyoub said that the war with the Israeli enemy is continuous; indicating to there is a tight relation between the Zionist entity and its tools of the criminal gangs which practice the organized terrorism against the Syrian people.

The aerial strike is Zionist regime’s latest attempt to drag US and NATO into a new Western war for Israel. It played similar tricks in the past, such as, attacks on USS Liberty, USS Cole and 9/11 to name a few. The Zionist regime knows that the US government along with several European powers (Germany, France and Britain) are controlled by the Zionist Jews – therefore, if Syria retaliated – Israel would cry “Wolf, wolf, wolf (being victim of its Muslim neighbors)”, as usual.

The aerial strike is also meant to pick a new fight with Lebanese resistance group Hizballah – in order to provide a possible moral boost to Jewish army which is still licking its wounds it received during its fight with Hizballah in Summer 2006.

The Combating Terrorism Center at the West Point in its 2007 report had stated that US, Saudi and pro-West Labanese official claimed that US, Israel and Saudi Arabia were intentionally arming, training and funding the Jihadis and Al-Qaeda terrorists for the explicit purpose of overthrowing the governments of Syria and Iran.

The US sponsored Arab Spring has united the US, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to sabotage any genuine democratic regime being established in the Middle East – because the previous experience have proved that democracy has usually brought anti-Israel regimes (PA, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, etc.) into power in the region.

Personally, I think Syria and its allies need to avoid responding to Israeli provocation by behaving like Israeli Zionazis. The insurgency against Syrian government is on the run – and very soon, the Israeli Project in Syria will come to its end.


One response to “Israel’s Syrian Chutzpah!

  1. I think, unless Obama and all of the US decides to stop funding and arming and figuting wars (or non-wars) for the lunatic-state, they will keep doing what the wish. And no smaller, essentially unarmed by comparison to the hundreds of nukes in Dimona, nation-state would dare go up against them unless we Americans quit this.
    We’ve been guilted into being on the wrong side of this. We Americans were totally brainwashed and it’s taken decades to get over it. ADL, our supposed moral cops, are the financial end of JDL, recognised by any reasonable person as the terrorist group it is. And we fund ADL/JDL and the ApePac with our tax-dollars, too. They, in turn, fund the, “choices”, we’re given in politicians.

    Until America’s population gets this figured out and resists our own government, the apartheid-state will continue to grow and will continue to wreak havoc all over the world. They may be looking to take more of Syria and Lebanon and Egypt, nevermind all of Palestine. And, now, they have us/USA entering into Africa? Think about that.
    I wish all Americans would look at this and think.

    I don’t know what kind of revolution would sort this out but it does need sorting.

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