Jordanian King disappoints US Jewish delegate

On Sunday, a 16-member delegate from Israel advocacy group, the American Jewish Committee (AJC), paid a visit to King Abdullah II of Jordan and his foreign minister Nasser Judeh in Amman. The delegate was headed by AJC president Robert Elman. Elman also met with ambassadors from Washington and Tel Aviv.

The delegation was in the region to attend a three-day conference of AJC Board of Governors in Jerusalem. The delegation made one day stop-over in Amman to seek Jordan’s help to pressure Mahmoud Abbas to restart peace negotiation with the Zionist regime. The Jewish leaders also discussed their concerns about the rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the situation in Syria and the rise of hatred toward Israel in Jordan and the rest of the region.

For two decades, Jordan has been a strong partner for peace with Israel. AJC recognizes the vital role King Abdullah has played – and continue to play – as a voice for peace, and as a pragmatic leader in a turbulent region,” said Elman, as reported by JTA on January 28, 2013.

King Abdullah II, who supports the so-called “two state” solution for the occupied historical Palestine – disappointed the Jewish leaders. He told the Jewish leaders that a comprehensive and just peace in the region can only be achieved, if Israel agrees to “an independent and viable Palestinian state on national Palestinian soil on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem its capital and living in peace and security alongside Israel“.

This is something none of Israel’s major political parties could digest. For them the return of East Jerusalem is against the teachings of Jewish religion – and the West Bank is their ancestral land of Judea and Samara, even though their ancestors, historically, came from the kingdom of Khazar.

Netanyahu favors a “de-militarized” Palestinian state less East Jerusalem – alongside Israel. However, most leaders of his hawkish Likud party including his cabinet minister Yuli Edelstein and chairman of Likud’s Knesset coalition, Ze’ev Elkin have long been campaigning for the annexation of the West Bank. The annexation move also has the full and vigorous support of the Jewish Home party, Orthodox Zionist party and the Women in Green group.

Nasserr Judeh, while repeated King’s views on the “two state” solution – also warned the Jewish leaders that Israel must stop the construction of new illegal Jewish settlements, “because that undermines the prospects of successful negotiations and comprehensive peace“.

On January 25, King Abdullah told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria (Indian-born Zionist) that no pro-USrael regime change is going to succeed in Damascus in the near future. “Anyone who says that Bashar’s regime has got weeks to live, really doesn’t know the reality on the ground. They have the capability to stand against opposition for a long time in the future,” said the King.

Last week, French Jewish foreign minister Laurent Fabius, also said, grudgingly: “Assad’s fall is not imminent”.

In February 2012, Robert Elman had criticized New Delhi for its closer relations with the Islamic Republic. In Agust 2012, Robert Elman urged UN secretary general Ki-moon to skip the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in Tehran.


One response to “Jordanian King disappoints US Jewish delegate

  1. Assad should owe the existence of Syria to Russia and China. If it were not for Russian and China’s support, by now Assad would have faced the fate comrade Qaddafi and Syria would have fallen in the hand Western’s thugs and puppets.
    Long live Assad, the true son of Syria. Down with the sworn enemies of Syria and Syrian masses: the mercenaries of murderous Western capitalism.

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