US recognizes its puppet regime in Somalia


On Thursday, Hillary Clinton blessed the visiting Somalian president Hassan Sheik Mohamud, by bestowing recognition of Mohamud’s regime since failure of Black Hawk mission 20 years ago. She claimed that Washington decision came as result of setbacks suffered by the local Islamic resistance al-Shabaab. The US-Israel backed African military coalition – along with targeting of the resistance leaders by US-Israel drones and airstrikes has helped al-Shabaab fighters to retreat who until recently controlled large portion of the country including much of capital Mogadishu.

Four years ago, at the start of Obama administration, Somalia was, in many way, a different country than it’s today,” Clinton told her guest.

Later, Hassan Sheik Mohamud paid a visit to the White House to meet Barack Obama – followed by a visit to Israeli advocacy group, the ‘Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)’. He said the US recognition would allow direct USAID and urged other nations to follow American lead. H. Andrew Schwartz, a former spokesperson for the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) is a senior vice-president of CSIS.

Somalia has been in turmoil for the past 20 years – thanks to foreign players, the local corrupt politians and tribal chiefs. In February 2011, Israel-Firster David Cameron, prime minister of Britain held a conference in London to find out the ways how to exploit Somalia’s huge oil reserves. Leaders from 50 different nations gathered to decide Somalian peoples’ fate. The prominent foreign players behind the anarchy in Somalia, are; Hillary Clinton (US), Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia), Augustine Mathiga (Somalia), Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Uganda), Mwai Kibaki (Kenya), Issiah Afewerki (Eritrea), Ismail Omar Guelleh (Djibuti) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey).

Sheik Sharif, the figurehead chairman of Somali’s Transitional Federal government (TFG) also attended the conference but was made to sit in the back-row, showing who represent Somalian people. Sheik Sharif and other TFG leaders are despised by most Somalians as corrupt and traitors. Godane, the leader of Al-Shabaab, was of course not invited even though his group controlled more than 70% of Somalian terrirtory.

The western media found out Al-Shabaab as villain when the group fought against Ethopian army which invaded Somalia as a part of US-Israel proxy war  in 2006. Later, the group also fought against Kenyan occupation. Al-Shabaab’s main aim is to get rid of the coutry of all foreign armies and establish a Saudi-style government in Somalia. Al-Shabaab leaders, though brutal sometimes, have proved to be more honest and uncorrupt than TFG leaders. Al-Shabaab can also boast its nationalist credentials in the world where TFG leaders always call for more occupation of Somalia. Al-Shabaab is a splinter group that arose out of demise of the Islamic Court Union at the hands of western powers in 2006. Al-Shabaab has been classified as a “terrorist militia” by the US, Israel, Britain and their African allies.

On July 29, 2012, Los Angelese Times reported that United States has been quitely equipping and training thousands of African soldiers to wage a widening proxy war against Somalia in order to defeat Al-Shabaab.

Hassan Sheik Mohamud 57, who was declared “president” in September 2012 through bribing lawmakers ($50,000-$100,000). Hassan is considered “moderate” as compared to Sharif who is regarded “Islamist”. Hassan, an academic, has worked with several foreign NGOs and UNICEF.


2 responses to “US recognizes its puppet regime in Somalia

  1. As I look at the history around the planet, and the interactions of different cultures (who often don’t really understand one another), it seems that, sometimes, a LITTLE ‘corruption’ is better than a hard-line, righteousness that wants only its “vision” for the future to be the dominant policy.
    U.S. “corruption” by corporations ‘buying’ politicians is still the most rampant & blatant corruption that I have read about… so the U.S. really has No business saying who is ‘corrupt’ and who is not.

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