The (Jewish) Gatekeepers: An Israeli confession

Dror Moreh, Israel-born cinematograper, producer of 2008 movie ‘Sharon’ – has released its 2012 movie ‘The Gatekeepers’. The movie is based on interviews with six former heads of Israel’s demestic terrorist organization known Shin Bet. They proudly talk about Shin Bet’s intelligence and terror operations under their commands.

The movie provides a rare glimpse into the untold story of Israel-Palestine conflict based on Zionist occupiers’ point of view. Moreh provides his audience unfettered access to the decisions, objectives and regrets of some of Israel’s top mass-murderers – Avraham Shalom, Yaakov Peri, Carmi Gillon, Ami Avalon, Avi Dichter, and Yuval Diskin.

Avraham Shalom’s (1981-1986) greatest achievement was heading the Israeli squad involved in kidnapping former Zionist Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960. Eichmann was hanged by the Zionist regime because he played a major part in Nazi-Zionist collaboration during the 1940s.

Yaakov Peri’s (1988-1994) greatest achievment was assassination of Arafat’s deputy, Abu Jihad, in 1988 – and the murder of two Palestinians during interrogation. Carmi Gillon’s (1995-1996) greatest achievement was his failure to save prime minister Yitzhak Rabin from a fellow Zionist Jew. Ami Ayalon’s (1996-2000) became famous for his criticism of Camp David negotiations between Israeli prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak and PA president Yasser Arafat. Avi Dichter (2000-2005) a great proponent of taget assassination – his greatest achievement was assassinations of Hamas founder, Sheikh Ahmad Yasin and former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri in cooperation with Israeli Mossad. Yuval Diskin (2005-2011) is known for ruthlessness in combating Palestinian Intifada (uprising), but also a supporter of two-state solution and no war with Iran without active American participation.

All six Zionist Jews offer myriad reasons for their crimes against Palestinians, Egyptians, Iranians and Americans for the survival and expansionism of the Zionist state but no apologies. However, some of them do admit that Palestinians committed acts of terror (resistance) due to political causes Israeli leaders refuse to address, and that the Israeli methods of attacking the symptoms are themselves a form of terrorism, and Israel should be talking to Hamas.

Avraham Shalom while responding to Moreh’s question said that Israelis are no different from Nazis in their occupations of Belgium, France and Czechoslovakia. Yuval Diskin said that governing a million foreigners (Natives) in the occupied territories would turn Israel into a Shin Bet state”.

The filmmaker Dror Moreh, says the six generals agreed to talk to him because they want to save Israel from its demise.

Shin Bet whose motto is “Defender that shall not be seen“, was created by the first Zionist prime minister David Ben Gurion on February 8, 1949. Shit Bet is known for recruiting extremist Jewish settlers to assassinate Palestinian leaders, bomb mosques and start religious riots by shooting at Muslim and Christian natives. In 2010, Chaim Pearlman, a Jewish settler was arrested by Shin Bet for murdering four Palestinian civilians. He confessed on a private video that he was hired to to execute Sheikh Raed Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement and a participant in the aid flotilla to Gaza that was attacked by Jewish commandos.


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